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Does painter support 16 bit depth normal maps baked from other software?  I baked some from Blender to test a particular workflow only to realize that the 16 bit image I used gives worse result than the 8 bit image when used in Painter with a fill layer.  (16 bit image give the same banding effect compared to 8 bit, this probably is caused by blender's image output code.
 And the colors are all faded out, causing bad normals.)

I just want to make sure substance painter isn't at fault here.  The image I used says it contain 64 bits per pixel, which is correct for a 16 bit depth image.

If Painter does support the use of 16 bit depth normal map from other software, what is the technical image specification I should be looking at?

Ahhh, thanks for the clarification.

I have been waiting like forever to create cheats for substance painter, like exporting textures from layers or layer groups, bake a special texture that won't necessarily fit in any of the given slots, you know, like Bake a single black/white mask from floating geometry models.

When will it be accessible for all users?  I can currently click on it and it doesn't do anything.

Could it be that I'm in trial mode all the time even when I subscribed to the Live?  Looking at that 30 days remaining every month is indeed a tough experience.  LOL

When i use my custom shelf without having the default Baked lighting material in the shelf, the saved preset-baked lighting material would function as if the texture is tiled 3x3 in 1 texture space.  After I copied the baked lighting material's base file into my custom shelf's material folder, and restarted Painter, everything worked.

It made a loop and crashes.

Just throwing some ideas.  I don't know why, but I just want to get rid of highpoly models. LOL

btw, the forum font is way too small to read.

3D stecil, Easy symmetry for Everything
put stencil into the 3D space, and place it on the mesh geometry, and saves the location/scale/rotation.  So when it's needed later, it will be easy to access.  (a list for stencil layers can be used to organize it, stand alone from default layer window)

How to use this to achieve Radial symmetry:
Wrap the stencil onto simple primitives like a cylinder, and increase the UV tiling to get radial symmetry for cylindrical object.  You get the idea.   Paint on top of this cylindrical stencil, the paint will go through based on normal projection instead of view projection.  So end up with a perfect radial symmetric texture.

Additive baking, Bake on top of something:

When baking, if there is no highpoly mesh traced on top of the lowpoly, leave the pixel blank with 0 alpha.  (Needs super sampling for alpha to be smoothed out, so there will be some in-between alpha values.  This way the additional bakes can be added onto the same image.

Even without alpha, if every bake can be baked onto a new layer, we can simply blend Add the black/white image on top of each other, or use them as masks, and assign color value to make an Color ID map.

I just particularly like this kind of step by step creation method.  Things can change on the fly.  Lots of variations.

Topological symmetry would be nice.  Having the ability to copy-paste symmetry would be a savior for people who forgot to turn on the symmetry or accidentally turned symmetry off and kept painting for hours.

Fixing the stencil symmetry is definitely on our to-do list. Although I don't have an ETA to give it should be part of one of our bug fix sprints this summer.

That is one of the great news to hear.  I'm glad you guys are looking to add the stencil symmetry support.

Hope you all the best, and have a good summer!

Getting stuck on a workflow I've thought through for a while now is demoralizing...  I really don't know when I can actually get on track making satisfying stylized models and assets for my project.

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want to do, but why don't you simply use the Symmetry tool inside Substance Painter?

What I wanted to do is simply Paint with Stencil, but in a way that it gets mirrored onto the symmetrical other side of the model.  I use stencil as a mask, and I create custom stencils that contains Sci-Fi shapes and Straight/Curved Lines etc.

I'm creating a workflow that does not involve complete highpoly model for every detail on the object.  I paint in details on a more painterly fashion with PBR so to reduce the time and cost of my projects.  Plus, painting is more fun than making highpolys then find out that it doesn't fit the lowpoly.

I can use the symmetry tool, but it's impossible to draw out the shapes with perfect height information without using stencil tool.  Plus with Substance Designer, creating stencil maps with the ease of adjusting the slope on the height IS extremely helpful.  Lots of hardsurface shapes and height informaition can not be replicated with paint stroke.  I know it's easy to make them in the highpoly, but as I previously mentioned.  I wanted to create a workflow for my project with minimal highpoly model involvement.

With current symmetry support I can only do much, drawing some cut lines, rectangles, Polygon shapes.  I could have benefited from using a symmetry support with stencil to create perfect circles, holes, any interesting shapes I might come up with.


Stencil-symmetry support <--  That's what I'm trying to get help with.  I've posted several posts about it, I didn't get more information than it's just not supported yet.  I want to know if there is ever a plan to implement it, and when can we expect to be able to actually use this feature.

And, if that's not coming soon.  Is it possible for us to have the ability of quickly Mirror the texture along the world axises onto the other side? with a click of the button?  Or just being able to transfer bake all textures at once instead of one by one?

PS: When I purchased the software I expected that symmetry would work with all tools that this package offers.  And this problem that stencil doesn't work with symmetry has never been clearly noted in any source of information I can find.  It's a major let down for me despite that everything else was totally amazing.  Please at least give us some hope. 

3D Coat is somewhat a beast of software, but it's not fast as Substance Painter on file management.

It really depends on game engines.

I work with UE4, and I pack Roughness, Metalness and Specular/maybe AO  into one single RGB texture without alpha.

Roughness and Metallic for UE4 is essential, Specular is somewhat less of an effect, so I also put some other grayscale textures instead of Specular.  Sometime a mask, to give models some variations.

So this problem has stunned me for days.  I actually went out and tried 3D Coat and Mudbox.  But after a while I realized that sticking with less software packages is a more efficient way to work.

I've just today noticed the Re-Projection function inside Substance Painter, it's brilliant.  But unfortunately it didn't work the way I expected.

What I did is outputing 2 different model for my project.  One is fully unwrapped without any mirroring geometry; The other one is the fully unwrapped one, cuts off one side of the geometry and mirrored.  Why I do this is that I wanted to have one mesh with mirrored two half of geometry using same UVs, to achieve the symmetry for stencil works.  But the ideal result is to have a model with seperated UV for both half, so decals and texts don't have to mess up.

I assumed the reprojection works just like transfer bake in Designer.  But I am wrong.  I tried to paint on the MirrorUV object first, then I load the final mesh, and it automatically starts re-projection.  And what happened is, it only projected one side of the mesh.  I don't know exactly why, but I realized it doesn't work the same way as Transfer Bake.

At least now I know for a fact there is only one other way to solve this problem.  Transfer bake in Designer.

And it just start getting frustrating again.  Because the result I wanted is a symmetry, so I have to not only transfer bake one texture, but all of them.  And a model can have more than 2 or 3 UV sets.

If it wasn't that I have to manually set up every bake for every texture, I'd be happily doing so without any complaint.  But such usability issues is killing my working efficiency and morale.  I mean, maybe I expected too much from Allegorithmic, but I thought those functions were common sense among this kind of software.

Will there be any improvements or updates to stencil-symmetry support, or multi-texture transfer bake/baker profile in 2015?

Totally agree +2.

So when I press P to pick a material information from the current scene/object, the viewport just go black.  How am I going to pin point the material I want when it's just black!??  Welp?

Before, I used Substance Designer, It's amazing.  Now I'm trying out Painter for 2 days, the most thing I got isn't inspiration or productivity, it's frustration.  To say, both of these software are genius when it comes to make realistic, detailed objects with available highpoly models.  But without highpoly model and those baked textures, the software is incredibly hard to use.  Say I could use the quick masking, I got used to the logic alright, but after that, I can't even see the clear result of my paint stroke because of those checkers.  I made a few stencils to directly paint over my lowpoly model, for detail and such, then I found out Stencil doesn't work with symmetry.  So anyway, I'll just paint each stroke by hand, but quickly realized that even selecting material and picking color can be such a horrible experience, not to say it's hard to draw a straight line on 3D object and impossible to rotate the pen stroke inside the viewport.  There isn't even a pressure curve for tablet pen... 

Ahhhh, I had to get it out.  Can we possibly get these basic features right before adding in newer and more advanced features?  Please.  I don't know what else to say...

I've tried using an image input within my substance designer graph.  But when I publish it to painter and loaded it into Diffuse Color, it doesn't have any UI button or box for me to drop in an alpha texture.  The only parameter that's available is the numeric parameters I exposed manually.

Maybe multi-step input isn't available?
  quote myself

NVM, I found everything I need in the advanced settings for brush. 
Is there an option to keep everything in advanced mode instead of basic?
  <-- and nvm that.

Still couldn't fit a graph into a sub-slot.  And the log says it's not supported yet.  But keep up the good work!

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