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wound up writing a quick python loop to bake out textures from houdini..
// in below "s" is the substance plugin node..

expPathBase = "D:/images/"

n =hou.node('/shop/s')
for f in range(0,100):
   expPath=expPathBase + "drips." + str(int(f)) +"."
   n.parm("_sub__time").set(f * 0.1)

Manually Changing $time exported parameter does work in the render, but
when I plug in a houdini expression (such as $F) the texture stops updating,
as I move from frame to frame.

Also, "Export" button does not work with animated textures.

Any way to get this working currently? Otherwise, would be great if that worked in the future..


New to designer..  and rusty with UVing best practices.

Using one of the substance share materials to texture these rocks which are supposed to be large scale..
(rendering with houdini/redshift)..

The scale of the texture generated from designer is such that it would cover a small portion of one rock..
Hence laid out my uvs at 20 times 0->1 space and have them tile.

Substance Painter does not allow me to work with such uv layout.. (it stops updating and is not controllable).

What's a better workflow?  Is there a way to scale the texture in designer? so the 0->1 space covers more of my rocks,
and is procedural without repetitions? (would just crank up output resolution.. to 4k?).

Would houdini plugin allow for a better wokflow? Haven't tested it yet..

hope this  makes sense....



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