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You can read the colour of the vector map into a pixel processor.  R and G channels encode a 2D normalized vector - the maths to convert a vector to an angle are reasonably straightforward.

If you divide the result by 360, and output it to all 3 colour channels, you should get the anisotrophy map you are looking for.

I understand the process that you suggest, but at this way, I think I am not able to make right function to do it in pixel processor. I thought I can do it by simply image operations like (multiply, over, ....etc)
Right expression would helped me very well because I will need to use it also in other software.

What color operations do I have to do to convert vector flow map to standard anisotropy map? Easily saying, I need to do some unknown mathematical operations that converts vector flow map to same result as attached anisotropy map.  Both of formats knows to orient vector from 0-360 degree precisely. I have ability to paint just vector flow map, but I need to convert it in to anisotropy format and use it for orientation of my hairs and fur.
I have attached both of standarts of Vector flow map and anisotropy map.
Thanks for any help!

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