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Hi All,

I've been pretty impressed with the way Painter has been going and have been watching it for a while. i installed the trial this morning
version 0.12.1 Build 464 to give it a whirl before i bought it but i have been sadly disappointed by the performance that i have experienced.  i understand this is beta but as a selling point painting on a surface and watching the paint slowly catch up with the cursor having over a 3 - 4 second delay is not that usable. 

i have read a few post regarding some work arounds saying have you tried it at to lower quality or have you tried working on one map at a time. yes i have tried all this but it sadly did very little. i'd expect with a pretty decent system this shouldn't really come into it.   

Anyway i am running a GTX 780 a Samsung Evo 512 gb SSD and an i7 with 12gb of RAM, which i think is more than enough for Painter.
i really hope the community and the Staff at Allegorithmics can solve this performance bug but currently i wont buy a product with performance like this as i'd just end up going back to Photoshop.

I'd also like to know will there be any special offers after beta? i want to buy now at this price but not in its current state.

on a good parting note i love the product and can see it being great once its all working  :D

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