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Substance Integrations - Autodesk 3ds Max - Re: Texture Help
 on: January 13, 2018, 07:58:49 am 
Using 3Ds Max 2018 and SP 2017 having the Scanline Render I do:

- name all your textures/layers properly in SP
- use a Physical Material and and on the Material slots:
Base Color => Base Color
Normal => Bump Map
Roughness => Roughness
Metallic => Metalness
Emissive => Emission Color
Height => Displacement

Hope this helps !

2018, Substance 2017 and the same issue with Normal, ID, AO & Thickness maps !Black !

I check position & scales from fbxs in my case.

No chance.
I am going to check xtra the smoothing groups as sugested and Normals in 3Ds Max.
Then i´ll Post my results in an hour.
Same result.
Any clue anyone?
Isn´t it a SP bug ?

Hey james_13,

add the missing Channels to the texture Sets and the warnings shouldn't come again ;)
You can Add Channels in the Texture Set Settings.

Best Regards

Thanks Fabian ! That just solved my problem !

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