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 :'( Where is substance technical support - its been over two week since i posted this and no support on a fix.

So there is no difference between Material output and Layer Output in the shadow areas, also at import UI there is no drop down options on the Image to Material icon like shown in the tutorial by Wes. My version is 2.2.0 is this not implemented on a Mac as of yet? How to fix if its suppose to be there?

On a mac and dowloaded latest version to follow along in vid on image to material with AI filter. When I drag image in the image to material icon in Wes's vid show a drop down with options for "AI Powered" or" B2M" my Alchemist does not show any option. And later in the tutorial he selects "image to material (AI Powered)" Here again I do not have this option only "image to material. Is this a bug or is AI the base that Alchemist work in now?

I have just downloaded the latest version and the amount of base materials do not match Wes's "Getting started" Is this a mac issue? How to get all of the base materials?

I thought if all the uv's were on uv 1 this might solve the problem but attached shows its not a fix. see attached, tried to attach file but kept getting message file to large even after I remapped it to 1024 and zipped it down to 54MB seem weird that the forum has a size limit especially since this project is very small

What does that mean since painter is suppose to create what's not there?

Turning off second monitor fixed problem

It occurred to me that Alchemist was corrupted so I uninstalled it and re-downloaded  and installed fresh and now its working where saved substances are editable at a later time. But I created a substance in the corrupted version and now its lost. Where does alchemist store created substances so that maybe I can use time machine to recover the substance.

Wanting to modify the parameters in created substances and dragging from the lobby collection or opening exported project there are no parameters available to modify the parameters and reexport. Is something broken?

I have a mesh and am using polygon fill to isolate an area for a new material (which is a folder with a mask set to replace, yet it only diminishes the height coming from the material below by about 50%. How do I disable all of the height info in the masked area?

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