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I want to mask a rectangular area on my uv map, how would I do that? using a square brush that is large enough does not exist in the default settings and there is no way to draw a straight line holding shift like in photoshop.

Ok so if I wanted to for example, texture a weapon that has a metal frame and a wooden stock, and keep all of it in one material I would control the roughness and metallic by a mask before it reaches the final output node?

Related to that question, does substance designer have sample meshes + materials to observe how it is done correctly? I noticed in the substance painter trial, there are example meshes.

Kind of new to texturing and PBR. If I want to create an object that has 2 distinctly different materials, do I need to make 2 different substances and as a result have 2 different materials applied to them (in UE4)? Or can I create 2 materials in substance designer and mask both to make them appear only on certain parts of the model so only one material is used?

Examples would be Wood and Metal or Plastic and Metal on on the same object.

Thanks. What fixed it for me was changing the viewport rendering.

Getting the same issue, on Windows7, reimporting a substance by right-clicking and selecting reimport in the factory crashes UE4 editor. The substance was changed by changing the base color and resaving.

Edit: on the first reimport I changed the base color from a a grayscale value to  a color. Changing it back to grayscale and the crash disappears.

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Black Reflection issue
 on: May 15, 2015, 08:55:43 pm
There is an issue with imported sbsar files. The reflections on the texture in a map (model or bsp) is solid black. The material shows up as advertised in the material editor and in the preview snapshot, but ingame, the reflection has a solid black background.

I have tried changing the world settings sky color, adding reflective actors and rebuilding the lighting. None of that fixes it.

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