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I came here because my Wacom middle and right click are now inverted in Substance Painter (latest version) when I did a search about this issue it came up that other were having this issue when using designer, that thread said to log a notice on the painter thread. I am using an Intous Touch 5 tablet.

Just in case someone returns to this thread and is still looking for an answer, ZBrush added a plugin for importing and exporting FBX files. The FBX format contains either smooth or hard edge normals. (You choose.) And substance can see this information from the file. So now you can export normal and vertex color all within the same file.  Hope this helps someone else out! :)

Wes, I was expecting the same thing. If I have a layer or a layer group that sits on top I expect that it overwrites/blends everything below. Every other channel works this way BUT the height. And to work around, like you said you need to have everything below masked out. If you have a lot of layers below it causes a lot of work to get the desired effect you are looking for.

Any idea when this might get fixed?


Ok! Cool... now I know I'm not missing a configuration to get it working!  :)

Is it possible to mirror paint with a stencil? In very simple cases I am able to get this to work if it is a straight line or something of that sort, but if I have a complex pattern with a stencil I have not figured out how to paint one side with symmetry turned on and have the stencil draw accurately, so I am wondering if this is something that I am not doing correctly, or if this is just a matter of SP is not currently able to paint in this manner yet.

So if there is a way to flip a layer, I could paint it on one side, dupe it, mirror it and then I would be good to go, but it doesn't seem as if I can do that either. The other thing is I could take the layer into Photoshop and do the operation....but I don't think I can currently export out a single layer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I would love to avoid Photoshop altogether if at all possible! Thanks!  :)

Very cool! Loving this program and this company! Keep up the hard work guys! :)

Yes please!!! :)

Is it possible to paint out a (additional maps) normal map completely?

If there are any errors in the baking process, I would like to paint them out, is this currently possible or does this need to be a feature request?  Thanks!

I would really like this added to the color picker. If it is in there I have not found it yet. Would like to store multiple colors.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Re: Full Screen View
 on: November 22, 2014, 05:09:14 am 

Yes please!

So I was hoping to do a test using Maya, I can get my models into Maya just fine from ZBrush, the problem is my models are so large that they will not export back out from Maya at this point. Substance Designer just chews through these polys no problem so I really need this portion working to have a fully functioning map baking pipeline. Thanks!

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: thickness map
 on: October 29, 2014, 11:51:46 pm 
So I wouldn't be asking if Substance Painter didn't ask for this type of map, but can we please have this as official map baking type? Thanks!

So can we have a setting exposed for what we want to do? It would be optimal for me as an artist to import in and have everything hard edged. But a threshold slider and numerical input could be nice as well. That way would give the artist total control over the normals of the object.

So I could do a test and import into Maya (Maya just turns it into hard edges if you import as an .obj, it does some funky stuff if you import in as a .ma file that GoZ uses.) and then take that model and re-export it back out over the top of its self, but I would really like to avoid that extra step if at all possible. Thanks!

Thanks Wes, I am using OBJ models from Zbrush. There isn't an FBX export from Zbrush  currently. Thanks!

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