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Many thanks for the swift reply.

I haven't used SP for a couple of weeks and today I opened to a message that my maintenence had expired. At the same time there was a prompt to download a new version (2018.1.3 Build 2339)

My question is, if I install this build will it still work with my current licence and, if not, will it tell me before I complete the installation?

Also, if I don't purchase further maintenence, will the software still prompt me to download builds in the future which I will not be able to use?


Content - Substance Share - Re: License clarification.
 on: April 27, 2018, 01:35:50 pm 
Hi guys. New here.

What about using it for an advert purpose for TV. How do you credit then?


I note that no reply was ever given to this question so, I will ask it again.
Can Substance Share materials be used commercially in Stock images, adverts, printed images on a duvet-cover etc. where crediting of the original creator is impossible?

I am sure I am not alone in wanting this clarified and PLEASE DON'T just point me towards the wall of legal waffle.

Thank you.

Just to be clear, if I create a still image of say an aircraft hanger using 20 different substance share textures, for sale as a stock image, I would have to credit all 20 creators on the stock image site...?

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