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Also worth noting:

In that Ceramic Enamel Material, on the web-based editor, changing the 'Normal Intensity' causes the tiles/grout to go up/down.

However, in Substance Painter, changing the 'Normal Intensity' (under Technical Params) does nothing.

Why the discrepancy?

I've read plenty of discussions about the differences between OpenGL vs. DirectX Normal Format.

I was troubleshooting some materials that I thought I had exported correctly for the renderer I'm using (which requires OpenGL format).
For all of my materials, I had set the Project to use OpenGL format, set all materials' 'Normal Format' dropdown under 'Technical Parameters' to OpenGL, and made sure that the exported format was also using OpenGL.

Everything seemed fine for just about all the materials.

However, I began to notice that some of the materials were exhibiting a 'flipped Y' behavior when lights were shining on them from above or below.

It turns out that for those troublesome materials, the 'Normal Format' had no effect. Digging a little deeper, I came to discover that their normal information is coming from their Height channel.

So the question:  How can I easily set these to export correctly without having to manually switch the exporter every time?

One of the materials in question (from Substance Source):

Note that changing 'Normal Format' under the Technical Parameters has no effect for this one ^

I've had the same problem with no post effects for a while now, including on the latest version released today.
Log file attached.

When my layout is set to 3d/2d view split, and then I press c to switch to see a different channel, the 2d view draws at a lower resolution. It remains at a lower resolution until my cursor rolls over the 2d view, at which time the resolution corrects itself.

This wouldn't be a huge deal except that I'm often not hovering over the 2d view when I'm working, say, in the Layer editor.

Apologies for the tiny GIF, but you can still see what's happening, particularly when I switch to 'Emissive' mode (the mostly black image). You can see the edge of the one square looking really blurry at first:

NOTE:  This occurs in any project, regardless of what resolution I'm currently set to.

When selecting a folder in the Layer panel and choosing 'Create Smart Material', the whole app crashes every time. It appears that the crash occurs when the thumbnails are being generated. When I restart Painter, everything is fine until I click on Smart Materials-- as it's generating the thumbnails again, it crashes every time.

I'm positive this is the culprit-- When I rename the Smart Material starting with a letter that's further down the alphabet so the item appears later in the list, Painter doesn't crash on start. Only when I scroll far enough to see it does it crash.

I think I spoke too soon when I said 'symmetry painting in 2d view works just fine now'.

I have a perfectly symmetrical model with perfectly symmetrical UVs (on X axis). However, when I paint on the model, it seems to get confused about which parts on the left side line up with the parts on the right side-- only on certain UVs.

The intermittent nature of this bug makes it deceptive but watch the two halves carefully to see the errors. There are a few other spots in this model as well (not shown in the clip):

I just noticed that in both 2018.3.0 as well as 2018.3.2 (didn't try .1) that symmetry painting in 2d does not work when using a stencil.

I'm hoping this can be fixed since regular 2d symmetry painting works just fine now.

Just saw 2d symmetry painting is back in the latest release. Your team rocks.   ;D

Thanks for considering it. And also, I definitely appreciate the improvements-- I understand the trade-offs that happen in software development.

Agreed. This feels like a big oversight.

Painting in 2d is often the only way to achieve the precision needed for certain models/designs. Now I'm somewhat stuck because the bug fixes in the latest version are essential (for example, the fix for the color picker) but I may have to revert to an old version and suffer with bugs.  :(

Just dropped by to file this bug as well. I need to be able to paint with symmetry in the 2d view.

Having a hard time grabbing a screenshot because the cursor(s) and other UI go away, but when I use the Eyedropper tool next to a BaseColor parameter and drag it onto the 3d or 2d view, the existing paintbrush tool 'blocks' the eyedropper from selecting the proper color. Instead, the eyedropper grabs the tinted color where the paintbrush cursor covers.
It may occur with other eyedroppers other than just BaseColor...

I'm using:  Painter v.2018.2.3

This only started happening mid-session. Going to try to restart...

That's good to hear. I suppose for now, I can export cameras from my 3d package (Maya) and look through them as a workaround. Not ideal, but not terrible either.

Thanks for the update!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Re: VR camera support
 on: October 02, 2018, 08:29:52 am 
I meant Painter, but after Oculus Connect 5, it looks like your R&D folks are already cooking something up...   Looking forward to whatever they come up with.

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