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Hi everyone, we spent some time to fix several bugs including issues in the 2D view.
We will officially release beginning on next week but meanwhile we wanted to make it available to you before the weekend via the following links:


Is there any way for us who own Painter on steam to use this? I downloaded it, replaced the files in my steam folder, and then I got asked for a product key. Problem is that steam does not show the product key.
Any timeline for when the update will go live on Steam?

Hi, you can register your steam acc at the allegorithmic web page.

Even though they said there is going to be fix on Monday it didnt fix anything. The newest version is unusable. I ended up using an older Version so I can get work done.
Would be nice to hear from Substance what is going on.

Thank you very much.

If there would be an update this eventing I could catch up on work over the weekend.
Is there maybe a way to uninstall the last update?
Thank you very much.

Hello, could you give an estimate when we can expect the fix?
I need Painter for work so it is quite difficult cause the workaround doesnt work for me and I cant get any work done for 3 days now.
Thank you.

Hi I have the same problem. Tried it with different meshes. Everything worked just fine yesterday (with the meshes I was testing) but now after an update on steam the 2 D view seems to be broken.

I also tried reinstalling. Didnt help.

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