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I just wanted to double check, is it possible to purchase a brand new Steam license for Substance Painter today, sync the license with the Substance site, and then upgrade/renew it for the $75.00 to add a year of maintenance?

Or is it best to wait for the 2021 version, as the 2020 version will only get 2-3 more months of updates?

You could expose a Boolean variable named "Visible?" and connect it to an if-else statement, with a 0 float connected to the else and a 1 float connected to the if, then set that as your output for the opacity

Using that guide I was able to update my drivers and SD is working perfectly again. Thanks Wes and Nicolas!

Hey all,

Found that my crash was happen at 40% as well. With the help from Nicolas Wirrmann found that when the 3D viewer was not docked and another monitor it would crash, When I docked it back (default location) It worked fine.

Hope this help guys. Good Luck.

Always your humble friend,

Ha! Bringing the 3D view back over and docking it fixed my problem, thanks Tom!

I get an error when trying to install the new drivers, saying that "the driver isn't validated for this computer". Most Surface Pro 2 drivers have to go through Microsoft and get downloaded through Windows Update, so I'm guessing that's why it's not "validated". 5.2.5 still works under the current drivers, however.

There is a green check mark when I set it to linked, but it still crashes. I downloaded 5.2.5, on the same desktop, and the same meshes bake ok.

yeah, it has the 4400

The latest update for Substance Designer has seemed to have broken the 3D view on my Surface Pro 2, and leaves a strange graphical error. Substance Painter also happens to suffer from the same problem, but SP had done this for a while now.

I don't think there are any new video card drivers for the Pro 2, but I can use 5.2.5 for the time being.

(Also, love SD and SP very much, stay awesome Allegorithmic!)

Here's a shot of my baking settings, I was only trying to bake normals at the time, but trying now to bake AO seems to crash as well.

Seems like SD is crashing for me at 40% whenever I try to bake normals, here is my log file and the meshes, though it has crashed on every mesh I've tried.

Edit : Baking in Painter still works fine however.

Mike, I think you may be mistaken somewhere, the latest Designer update added the ability to upload sbsar's or sbs's to Substance Share, but right clicking a substance package and clicking publish just pops up with a save dialog and I can save my sbsar anywhere on my PC.

To get an 8k map in Designer, just put 13 in the Output Size Width and Height. I think you may be able to do 14 and 15, for 16k and 32k, if you set the cooker limit in the preferences, though I'm sure they may crash Designer.

Edit : this lets you "cook" at 8k+, but the bakers are still limited to 4k, so any normal/AO/curvature bakes would be uprezzed. The curvature/Ambient Occlusion nodes may work at 8k, if you import an 8k normal map, I haven't tested that myself.

seems like it may be a problem/bug on your end Malo, here's a pic of your substance published in SD5 and opened in SD5, and all the settings are there. And yes, Substance Archives are supposed to be much smaller than the Substance itself.

Hey Fabian,

I actually noticed the opposite effect. By placing a red material underneath everything and using the levels method, you can see the red showing through, but using the replace method doesn't seem to have this.

If you add an empty Height Layer to the Rubber material, then set the the Blending Mode of the Rubber's Height layer to "Replace", instead of "Linear Dodge", it will have the effect you are looking for.

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