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I've had to restart this mesh twice, hoping it'd be better each time but I simply cannot do it anymore I'm losing too much time! I need this error fixed, whatever it is.

Everytime I load into substance to begin working on my model it crashes when I select something be it a layer/brush/display setting. It will load in, I can select the texture set and move the camera around but GOD FORBID I press any other button because it will lock up, and windows will pop up with that lovely saying "Substance Painter is not responding."

The mesh is not even 1k polys, it's just a bust.

I NEED to get the work finished soon! Please help!!!
I'm actually crying with how frustrated I am at this.

I have tried using the program on another computer and moving the file to the desktop of both. It does the same thing.

Computer Specs:

Nvidia 1080ti
32 gb RAM
intel core i7-8086k
only running 1 GPU

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