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Still WIPS ! I will be making more designs :)

A very little first aspect of my Christmas car, with only the frozen/snowy parts for the moment :D

Hey ! Just beginning this contest !
It's Christmas soon ! So I will be doing a Christmas Designed Car, here are some references pictures to help me that way :D
I will make the most possible designs by hand directly in Substance :)

Hello !
I see that you give us 10 free materials from Substance Source for this contest. As a student, my school already have almost all the materials from Substance Source. Do you allow me to use these other Substance Source materials for this contest that my school has ? Or do I have to work only with the 10 free material ? :D
Thank you !

That's really kind, thank you ! :D
I wanted to make close up, but I feel that my computer is dying when I render on I-Ray, so I stopped at the minimum of the two renders required...

I had this problem too...
I searched a little, and not sure if that's the good way to do, but when you make a "Save and copy" in the file, it's way less big ! For me, from 2.3GO to 1.2 :)
Also, use the "Clean" in the File to clean everything that was not used in your project :D
Hope it will work for you !

Thank you very much ! I really like your work, your technique is impressive :)

One final render I assume ! Diana on Venice Carnival clothes ! Just making all night renders to make something neat :P

Thank you !
I was out for some days, but I will post new process soon :D

Seeing the final clothing approaching ! Some things were changed between the sketch and the final, because there was so much fabrics that I was afraid it would be unreadable... but yeah Carnival of Venice dresses are quite showy at the base :P

First little preview ! Really enjoying making big dresses like this, I will now go into the mask and Scepter sculpt to take a little break with the clothes :D
(I will let appear the foot at the final shots I think, I'll see at the end !)

Hi everyone !
I'm using Diana in this contest, and I'm going to dress her like in the Carnival of Venice. More particulary as a "Queen Moon" of Venice ! With dark blue, white and gold for example.
I will make accessories like the scepter and her mask outside of Marvelous. I hope it's not a problem that I hide her face with a big Venice mask.  :D
The dress will be a good challenge with her dynamic pose.

Here are some references and a very rough sketch to make me an idea of where I'm going to !
Good luck to everyone !

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