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Dis solution from here fixed it for me. Is there any way that the uninstaller clears the regex ?

As the title says. More rock surfaces for cliffs and mountains or hills (these are the hardest to get) , more grass variety more dirt variety, dirt roads, forest grounds etc etc ?

I wont hide that i sub mostly for the substances u offer in the substance source library and b2m soft, since i am not an artist at all :). I mostly do a programming so all textures i use depend on what u and other sources like gametextures offer in their store :).

I really notice a real lack of terrain surface materials as i mentioned in the first sentence. I mostly see fabrics, woods, metal etc. It would be nice to get more stuff for terrain and level creation :)


After installing the newer newer 2017.2.4 version, teh issue still persist.


I installed old version 2017.1.0, and guess what.....IT WORKS

So for now i will pass the updating...i have no idea what info i could give You to analyze the problem....i am happy that i have the old version and it i can work now :)

The issue is, i do not use the steam version of any allegorithmic products.


Yesterday i've decided to update all the substance software on my PC, sadly, after the upgrade, the 3D view output in Substance Player is black and i can't seem to fix it. Also the renderer tab is grayed out.

I use the dx10 render engine. Also there is something strange, after i enter the camera options i get such an abnormal big list of cameras :)

I have latest nvidia drivers on GPU installed.

I've checked the log file, aside from loading a lot of cameras there is no ERROR nor WARNING messages that could indicate something wrong with the render.

Thanks in advance for any response :).

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