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its the "X" next to "MY ACCOUNT"

What "X"? I get no "X" beside or on "MY ACCOUNT". The only way I can sign out is to delete my browsing history/cookies.

This is what I get before I log in.

How the heck do I logout of


If I click "my account". I don't see a logout button anywhere.

OK, I think I solved this. Anybody installing the new version this is what you need to do. Looks like there was some folder renaming and it was remembering parts from the previous version.

1: Uninstall previous version first. The new version will not uninstall the old version like painter and designer.
2: Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Allegorithmic and delete the folder related to B2M.
3: Install the new version.

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Adobe missing from logo
 on: February 02, 2019, 11:52:12 am 
I just noticed this and not sure if it got missed. Using my iPad the top left doesn’t have “An Adobe Company” ,but the bottom does. On my computer it has on both.


Below is iPad

Here's a little more on this issue. If I try to install both versions of B2M I get this.

Old version won't work.

New version the 3D view is no longer black.

Do I have to keep both versions installed?

with the "Display Component" on it goes completely black.

OK, I installed the latest version and ran into issues. Uninstalled and went back to previous version.

1: Not added to start menu
2: 4 times as long to load
3: 3D preview black
4: Crash every time I would click edit under environment.

I just installed again and not experiencing 2 and 4 ,but still 1 and 3. The start menu is not a big deal ,but just something I noticed.

Previous version

Latest version

Hi there ! I saw painter & designer 2019 ) Does it mean you're preparing release soon?

We are releasing versions quite regularly ;-)
Any info on the latest B2M release? I went to download latest painter and noticed there’s a new B2M release. I had issues with it so went back to previous version.

  • "We are scared to lose perpetual licenses because Adobe uses perpetual licenses"
  • "You betrayed us by going with Adobe"
  • "You guys took the wrong decision"
  • "Adobe just buy to destroy a competitor. They destroy everything thay touch"
  • "Now I'll pay 4 times more to get access to your product"
  • "you guys are naive if you think you will be able to change Adobe/impose your ideas/preserve you identity"
  • "You guys are using "for now", on many topics, so we are doomed,"
  • "You guys, sold your soul to the evil just for $$$"
  • "You guys will drop Linux support"
  • "You guys had a great support, and it will become shitty"
  • "You guys will lose all the innovation your demonstrated in the past"
  • "Substance Painter and/or Substance Designer will disappear"
  • "You will not listen to us anymore"
Now we are going to answer this questions/concerns when possible. But please, accept that we don't have all the answers, as many things need to be defined.
So, none of that was "defined" before a deal was made? I'm starting to think you guys really don't care about your users. I don't own "PAY to Play" anything "Adobe", not planning on it in the future either. Never have liked the idea of anything that is "PAY to Play". I like to own or at least think I own the software I'm using. I will continue to use my "perpetual" license as long as "Adobe" allows me. Then I'll be switching to something else.

What should the file size be for a 2048 texture? My original image is 4.6 MB ,but when I create a texture my Base Color and Normal is 26 MB and my Height, Roughness, etc is around 5 MB. Also, what does the export "Options" setting do? It says compression level/quality "0 makes smaller file and 100 makes a larger file" ,but I get the same file size when set to any number.

OK, if saving a jpeg the size is like 4.6 MB and the compression setting also works. Png has caused me nothing ,but trouble.

Can somebody explain this to me? I don’t get any color from my texture in Armory game engine. I thought at first it was a bug ,but I found out it is related to the texture created in B2M. I can take the same texture created in B2M, resave it in GIMP with default settings and it then shows the color correct. What’s happening in GIMP that makes the color show? Or better yet what’s happening in B2M? I’m saving as a png if that matters any.

Here’s where I posted the issue on github. The top is the texture and the bottom is what it shows when playing.

OK, saving as jpeg seems to work in Armory. Seems to be a issue with the color when exporting as a png.

This video  shows how to create a graph template.

Any certain reason your following this tutorial? Not sure about the missing asset, cause I never done that one. I’m assuming your using SP 2018.1? Since the UI changes, you might be better following this tutorial

It would be nice to be able to know if you had already downloaded something from the Substance Share site. I know everything downloaded is under “My Files” ,but when your browsing files, there’s no way of knowing if you had already downloaded that file. Maybe have something showing that it’s added to “My Files”?

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