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In the latest release of Painter I see presets for VRay Next. Where did the old presets go? We are still using Vray 3.7 in 3ds Max due to cost to upgrade to Vray Next and would prefer to use the old presets which included IOR maps. Seems like using the VRay Next presets also messes up the glossiness map as well. Seems like Corona preset is about as close at it gets.

In the latest Substance Painter I am no longer able to save custom Smart Materials. When I right click on a grouped material and click Save Smart Material I get an error in the log saying "[Shelf Agent] Preset cannot be saved: Save error". However on another machine, I have no problems saving a Smart Material. Could this be a permissions issue? Where does Substance save the smart material?
Both machines are PC's on Windows 10 using the latest version (2020.1.0)

Well I was hoping to a Value Processor and/or function, but I couldn't get it to work, but I'm terrible with functions. I managed to do it with lots of Splatter Circulars. I was kind of frustrated that it was limited to 6 patterns so had to duplicate it to get 10 patterns. My hope was to somehow not have a bunch of text node numbers, but this way works just as well!

Anyone have a way to create circular customizable numbering systems like in aircraft gauges or speedometers? I can do the lines and dashes easily enough but I have a lot of gauges to make and was hoping to make them in Designwr and maybe have a few customizable ones  to use in Painter as alphas with a sbsar file. Gauges similar to these

Thanks! Had a model with some thing metal page/panels on it. This method worked very well,  but realized after that this script was around. Thanks for all the explanations and videos!

Here's what I have so far...seems ok but I think I'll keep working on it. I don't know if there is a better way to warp the threads than Dir Warp...i tried shape mapper and that was way worse. Any crits welcome!

Hey guys, I've been trying for a while in my spare time to figure out how to do an athletic mesh woven texture in Designer. Usually used in shoes, shorts, and jerseys it's quite challenging because it has to have a series of alternating holes with a weave around it. Similar to these guys:

Obviously the first step is to get better reference, but I have had troubles figuring out how to direct my weave around in loops such as they have. thanks in advance!

I was hoping in substance, since things are "vector" and "procedural" that I could crop into a small section of a procedural texture and retain the nice quality. Much like turning the scale all the way up for instance. It seems to be working in a few cases, but not others. Is there a way this is possible? I am sort of trying to get around the 8K limit by, in a new graph, cropping into a quarter of my substance graph, making that quarter 8K, and then recombining it in photoshop. So far I'm just getting what you would imagine, a blurry 8K result. Any help would be appreciated!

As I keep using Substance Designer, I keep wondering why grayscale and color are so split apart from one another. For instance, "Tile Generator Color" and Tile Generator Grayscale". What's the point of having two nodes? Wouldn't it be easier and simpler to just have a grayscale/color toggle like in  the Gradient Map node (i think some others are like that.) Or better yet, just have it be able to use color AND grayscale? It seems like a very easy thing to implement and would save on workflow and the amount of nodes having to search through. Seems like with how cool Designer is, the program itself should handle under the hood, for the most part, if something needs to be grayscale or color.

Awesome!! Thanks! I knew it was something like that. Didn't realize that dropdown was there. They should put an option for it when you set the resolution of your SVG...

I have been learning Substance Designer, which is my new favorite program, but am encountering some unfortunate behavior at the moment. I finally discovered the SVG node, which is a life saver, but am having some problems using it in my node graph. When I plug a Normal node or AO node into it, the result is like a noisy version, not nice and smooth like it is most of the other time. How do I get rid of these awful artifacts?

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