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The future. Image not my own.


If you read the Adobe press release they've made it clear that perpetual licenses will not exist and it will be under the umbrella of CC.

Just like they've done with past perpetual licenses (both their own, and acquired) they will terminate the licensing servers and force you to subscribe. If you take a look into the past as an example when it will occur, probably within the first year, definitely in the second.

I am definitely expecting adobe to attempt invalidating our perpetuals. Any idea if we have any kind of legal ground for a class action lawsuit when it happens?

I suggest taking recorded evidence of your Licenses on the Website, taking recorded evidence of your licenses on your products, and downloading and activating all perpetual licenses you currently have because who knows if activating a perpetual licenses will even be allowed in the future. If you have solid proof of ownership to perpetual licenses then I believe you won't have anything to worry about. Perhaps don't update software a year or two from now though, maybe even sooner. ;)

edit: In America this would be considered false advertising if Perpetual does not mean perpetual. I have taken video evidence and recorded quotes from Allegorithmic employees on the forums about Perpetual licenses, if they revoke them then Adobe will be able to be sued. Not by me, I'm not rich enough, but I'd be gladly willing to provide evidence. Adobe needs to come forward and state they will honor perpetual licenses because we all know just how predatory they can be. As far as I'm concerned the Substance team only has authority on the actual software now. All matters dealing with money is solely Adobe. :)

Hi I would like to update my license immediately, but upon clicking Update I am not given the option for Perpetual Licenses. I was told if I wanted to buy a perpetual license over monthly payments I could, and now I can't find that option.

Edit; you need to go to Billing in order to update your to perpetual licenses. I suggest anyone who wants a Perpetual License to impulse buy right now, even if they don't get rid of perpetual licenses. You can't know the future, and this is Adobe. Algorithmic sold Substance, it's in Adobes hands now. They may be the development team behind Substance, but they're not the corporate suits sitting in the board room meetings or the general managers of billing or sales. Do not trust Adobe, do not trust that they will honor the perpetual license system ten years for now, five years from now, one year from now, one week from now. If you want a Perpetual License it is better to be safe than sorry. I hope everyone has a good day and this is unfortunately my cancelling of my Subscription. I could have gotten a perpetual license over a year ago but I kept subscribing because I wanted to support these talented developers.

I will not support Adobe, they're predatory corporatists pretending to engage in Capitalism.

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