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IMHO it think it has to do with licence, from regular licence I changed to trial, few clicks to confirm and 2d window start to work. Maybe it is placebo but ..... ;)

Thanks for the answers. One question is still unanswered. If I use 2 graphic cards each of 6gb will substance painter see it as 12 or as 6gb? Is there any sense to have two cards at all?

Hi to all,
I realized that I need to invest in new GPU card. Now I started to do research and since altcoin miners made a fuss with prices they also made new products such a graphics cards without video signal output. These cards are cheaper but is it possible to use it for substance painter or any other 3D tool? What about these mining rigs? Is it possible to use same way of connecting cards for renderings? Texture baking? Modeling in Blender, Maya, Max, Zbrush?

When math comes; memory, GPU type, and speed. I have a hunch it is better to use two cards like 1060 with 6GB rather than one of 1080 with 8 GB. It is the same or similar price but again there are two of them. Now if there are two cards of 6 GB will substance painter will see it as 12 or 6 GB? Do I need to connect them with SLI? In case of multiple monitors like two, are they connected to one card or each monitor on another card?

What is the real advantage of having a lot of memory like 3GB, 6GB, 8GB or even 12.

So far I have old 750 TI 2GB, this 2GB is killing me.

Thanks for answers in advance.

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