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Update:  I rebuilt the file and can only come to the conclusion that i had a node or combination of nodes in my graph that caused the issue.  (Possibly from not optimizing my graph)  I rebuilt the file the same way and used all the same nodes. (That I could remember)  I cleaned up the frames and such but I'm still stumped as to what caused it.  My problem seems to be fixed but beware the rouge nodes i guess.

Update:  I think its something inside of the file I'm trying to work on.  After reinstalling substance and trying to recreate the problem,  I notice that I can open some of my other files just fine.  Then when I try to open this specific file it gets hung up.  Then i wont be able to view any nodes anymore from any of my files.  It wont even preview a uniform color node.  I created this file in the spring version and ended up having this issue start in the spring version as well.  I don't know what it is but I'm trying to rebuild the material now to see if I can find the node that's causing this mess.  Would it help if i attached a substance file?

Update:  I uninstalled Substance and downloaded a previous version and still having the same issue.  Kind of stumped here.

Hello everyone,

I have been using Substance Designer for a while with no issue, as well as being able to import substance files into the Unreal Engine using the plugin with no issue.  Yesterday when I tried to import a substance file into the engine the maps would import as white texture maps.  Then when I re loaded substance designer,  it wasn't rendering my nodes for the thumbnail preview and getting stuck trying to render them.  I then would have to force close substance because it would continue to run in the background.  So I tried contacting our IT team to disable their firewall and antivirus and then ran the software to no avail.  I uninstalled substance and reinstalled and still the same issue.  Again Substance has been working perfectly for me and I have been importing my sbsar files into Unreal just fine. (Even a few minutes before this issue)  I attached my log file and a screenshot as well.  Thanks for your help everyone!


I have been using Substance for a while with no issue at all and then yesterday when I tried to import a substance file into the Unreal Engine,  it wouldn't load the map properly.  Afterwords, I opened Substance to see what the issue was and now none of my nodes will render on any of my files.  When I shut down the software it gets hung up in the background and I have to force close it every time.  I troubleshot the issue with our IT team and I had them shut down the firewall to see if that was the issue to no avail.  I updated substance designer from spring to summer and still the same issue.  I uninstalled and reinstalled and still same issue.  Again,  the software was working perfectly fine for me a few days ago.  This all started when I tried to import a substance file into UE4.  Thanks for your help

So i actually found the answer through another post.  Apparently the exe file called sbscooker can get stopped by your antivirus depending on which service you use.  Just white list the hole substance folder and it should fix your problem.  Its running fine for me now so far.  Will update if anything else happens.  Thanks for all your help!  I really appreciate it!

White listed the hole substance folder and it actually fixed the problem.  All thumbnails are showing and no more huge performance drops.  I will post this same answer in my post.  Thanks for the advice! 

Also it seems mbarrettara is having the same issue as me exactly, and he has completely different hardware.  His post is also on the forums recent posts.  This makes me think that it's not a hardware issue.  Thought that was an interesting point.

I am having the exact same issue.  I created another post describing this too.  Hopefully there is a fix.  Its unusable at the moment.  I end up having to force restart my machine every time I open SD.  As stated in the previous post,  even after substance is closed it still cripples my machine.  Also the thumbnails for the noises and patterns tab under generators wont show up for me.  It's just the substance logo with a white circle around it with an arrow. 

I tried to switch the engine to SSE2 and it is still doing the same thing.  It applied the changes but when i went to open a substance I started it just locked up my explorer again.  I had to force shut down my machine again.  To clarify,  the software isn't crashing, it feels like its draining a ton of memory and my explorer cant do anything after I open it.  I cant open folders, task manager, or even manually restart the machine.  So I'm not able to get a crash report because it seems that the software can't even crash. (if that makes sense)  It just locks up and cripples my machine.  Thanks for the suggestion.  Is there any way to download older versions like SD5?  I downloaded an earlier version of 6 but It's still giving me a lot of trouble.

Hi Celine,

I am on Windows 7.  I will attach the log file to this reply.  I actually don't get a crash report because when I open Designer it locks up my explorer.  I'm forced to force shutdown the computer.  I will PM you with the details that I sent.  Although again I never got as far as a crash report.  Thanks for the reply!  I will try switching the engine and see what happens. 

Quick Update:

I tried installing an older version of SD6 but the same thing is happening.  No thumbnails and even if I just open and close the software, it crashes my windows explorer hard.  It feels like its draining all the memory but I cant even open the task manager to see it.  I cant really test things because I don't want to keep force shutting down my computer.  I'll just have to pause until I can get a fix.  Also if it is something related to my GPU,  can i just start my 30 day trial over?  I really want to use the software for the company but as of now its unusable. 


I just installed SD6 and I'm using the trial to research and implement SD into our 3D pipeline, but I'm having a lot of issues.  I cant see any thumbnails in the Generators - Noise tabs,  and if I try to drag one of them into the graph,  my machine just locks up and I cant even bring up the task manager.  Even if I open SD and close it right after,  I cant open the start menu, or any folders on my desktop and I have to force shut down. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling yesterday to no avail. We run an NVIDIA Quadro 6000 and have 64G of ram. I cant really test anything because every time I open SD I end up having to force shut down my machine.  I cant even export a log file.  It just locks up. Thanks for your help!

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