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I got a huge, terrible problem when I published my new assets.
1. I can't see my node in my library. 'Show In Library' option is set to 'yes'

2. Some of exposed parameter is gone. Gone parameters are related to the output size, and format.

3. Some of usage setting of every value input, output is gone. so I can't use material mode with published .SBSAR nodes. I couldn't find a rule for this problem. No image input usage is lost. Value input may have some problem.

4. My published assets does not inherit output size and format from input in compression mode 'Auto' and 'Best'. But it inherit when the mode is set to 'None'. Except only one node. Keep describing in 5. Of course,  .SBS file does not have any problem like these.

5. Fx-map related parameters are gone.

So... What is the problem with this? I can't even figure it a bit.

Sometimes I really like to make some assets which react with pressure.

If thumbnail mode is not set to all, fxmap works weird.
A node contains fxmap in its inside works weird when thumbnail mode is not set to all and one of the parent node is modified.

Oh. You are the best. Long live.

I need to calculate the length of the archimedes line. Therefore, I need to use natural logarithm.
But I cant find the function.

Is there any way to use the function?

As title says, the link for release notes is going to 404.

For personal use, I'm working on PowerPoint, and want to use logos of Allegorithmic products.
I'm having the logo png files which was published before, having all kinds of substance logos(even substance engine).
Right now, I need Alchemist logo, so tried to find it at logo page, but It only gives me the red S.

Where are they?

Nevermind. I found it.

Never mind. I changed the plan. I make a new node to blur.

I'm making my own Fxmap node. One person suggested me to add some blur options.
To make the blur thing. I decided to use a more Iterate node.
to do this, I moved every node in Color/Luminosity section to Itertations section of new Iterate node.
Next, I tried to use third Iterate node, then SD got really slow, and couldn't render make the image.

Can I get any help for this situation? I don't want to share the file in public yet.
Where I need to send mail to?

Yeah, but as I said, the biggest problem is reading other people's code, in this case the code behind some of the complex built-in nodes. Basically, I would need the reverse operation: graphs to scripts.


Sometimes I really like to have a new thumbnail mode which shows me the icon of node itself.

To do this, I like to recommend Shape Splatter node.

There are anisotropyLevel and anisotropyAngle in the output node usage list, but I couldn't figure out know how to apply those in the 3D view. There is some options for anisotropy material in Iray shader, but it looks not working to me.

For now, whenever I want to write my description for a pin, I can't type multi line description except the first time when I just create the pin.

The title of pin is not even work at this time.

Is this meant to work like this? or is there some problems on it?

When I'm working with a mesh in Substance Designer, the first step to start with is always the baking.
However, If the mesh has multi-materials, I should do some inconvenient work.

Currently I'm doing this workflow. First, check a material to bake, then hit the start render button. After finish the first baking, uncheck the previous material, check the next one, and hit the render button again. I do this work until I bake every material on the mesh.

Is there any way to bake by each material set in sequence? Should I use Automation Tool-kit for this?

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