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Hi there!

Seems like the Substance Plugin for UE4 (built from Source - 4.23 release branch) doesn't cook textures when building for Nintendo Switch. Every material using Substance falls back to Unreal default material.
Works perfectly on PC build.

Is this a known issue?
Or is there a specific version for Switch development?

I just copied the Marketplace plugin into my UE4 source build - do we need to compile a Substance Plugin source with the engine? If yes - where to get the source?

Substance is awesome, but without being able to build for Switch we can't use it in out project.
Thanks for your help!

best regards,

Hey , is correct. The Substance plugin for UE4 4.23 does not have runtime support for Switch. You would need to bake out the textures to use them.

Title crashes when exiting the game because the material created in substance is too big.

someone experienced the same problem ?

Hey @Issam HANINE 1 ,

What version of UE4 + Substance Plugin? Also are you able to post the .sbs file (if you created the Substance file yourself) or the .sbsar file?

Hey guys,

We have a fix in for this and are in the process of testing it. We should have a release within the next week or so. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconveniences to your projects/workflows. :(

In the meantime, there is a workaround (I posted this above):

The latest versions of Substance Painter (6.2.0, 6.2.1) seem to be having problems with the dcc-plugin side of it and UE4. I looked a bit into it, it seems to work as expected if you use Substance Painter 6.1.3 and below.

basically importing a sbsar file. its 23 megs. not big at all. but it hangs on import after clicking import from the dialogue that comes up to confirm the file. any thoughts?

@BobbyR ,

Is this a Substance sbsar you made yourself? Can you link the Substance Designer .sbs file? I can take a look.

Any update on if/when this is likely to be fixed? Currently, we're abandoning the substance plugin and baking textures external to Unity because whilst our programmers can hack around having a broken material inspector, our art team can't.

@ferretnt ,

Apologies for the delay, and for the annoyances this bug has caused your team. We have a fix for it now in QA along with some other bug fixes. We hope to post the 2.5.3 plugin to our discord beta group this week/early next week, then later to the asset store.

If you wanted to join the discord beta group to get the plugin before we post to the asset store let me know your discord name+numbers and I can add you.

Any update on the following issues?

Unity HDRP Alpha8 UNorm issue when setting Substance compression to RAW, which means we can't have textures without compression, and which also means we can only export textures from substances as they look like when compressed. This was listed as fixed, but it's not.

Duplicated materials' inspectors missing.

Both of these are pretty serious issues with the plugin currently.

@korindian77 ,

Apologies for the delay. We have a fix for it in code review along with some other bug fixes. We hope to post the 2.5.3 plugin to our beta group this week/early next week, then later to the asset store. If you wanted to join the beta group to get the plugin before we post to the asset store let me know your discord name+numbers and I can add you.

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: Substance in UE
 on: September 28, 2020, 06:26:17 pm 
Hello, i am having some troubles with the material generated when i import a sbar.
It seems that if the material doesn't have an ambiant occlusion it apperas black in the viewport in lit mode.
If i use the textures generated in a new material it shows in viewport perfectly.
Anybody having the same trouble?
Thanks for your time

@tomgauthier ,

What version of UE4 and Substance plugin?

Are you importing the sbsar directly from the Substance Source in UE4 window or importing it manually?

Ah fair, thanks for the help overall. Hopefully unity do a fix for this in the future, or if substance could apply a fix in there next update for the plugin perhaps?


We have a ticket in for this issue, but I'm not a developer so I can't say if/when there will be a potential fix. I will bring this up again to the team again to see if there is anything we can do on our side or if it's on Unity's side.

How do I disable those 'specific' substance warnings in the unity console? I did not think this was possible?

Afaik you can't disable specific Substance warnings as they are thrown by Unity, I just mentioned hiding warnings as a whole in the console window as a possible solution. Unfortunately this means that all of the warnings would be hidden.

Ah, so can I delete the sbsar files? or are they necessary for the textures to work? or is there a way to get unity to ignore these files through a settings file or menu option?


There is not a setting/option that I know of to ignore the sbsar files. It is a warning that Unity throws, so I'm not sure what can be done other than hiding the warnings in the Console window.

The sbsar files are necessary for the textures to work. However, if you wanted to delete the sbsar files, you would lose the ability to use the textures. You can bake them out, but you would also lose the ability to tweak substance graph parameters that would affect these textures.


This is a warning that Unity put in that will trigger whenever it detects a .sbsar file in a directory. This is not a warning we added into the plugin. I think it tries to load things in a different order than previous versions of Unity, and when it sees that .sbsar files exist in the directory then it will display this warning. This happens even when the Substance plugin is installed (I've noticed it as well in Unity 2020), but the plugin still functions as normal.

Oh so it's just a version problem then ?  Yea that clears that up as it's working fine in substance painter. Thanks for the info.

@lohitrshetty ,

Yeah, the flood fill node was included in versions of Designer that use a newer Substance Engine than is included in the Substance in UE4 plugin in 4.14. If you still wanted to use the Substance sbsar you created in UE4 then you would need to upgrade your UE4 version to a later version that includes the plugin with the updated engines.

Hope it helps. :) Let me know if you have any other questions.

i think i didnt end up using that cracks resource. But i'll attach it here anyway. So when i import the sbsar in marmoset 3.06 or ue4 4.14. the material is loaded at 256x256. when i increase that to 2048. i get the brown color. i read online that this could be due to using flood fill node. im on designer 2019.

@lohitrshetty ,

Ah ok, that makes sense. A substance made with the flood fill node will probably not work as intended with UE4 4.14 (I believe it is using a different Substance engine version than later versions of the UE4 plugin, also explains why I was not seeing the problem in UE4 4.23-4.25). I cannot speak for Marmoset as we do not maintain the Substance integration (but I suspect it may be a similar problem).

       Thank you for the reply, I'm attaching the file here.

Hey @lohitrshetty ,

I am not seeing the issue on my end, although I am missing a dependency in the Resources folder in the .sbs file (ornate_tiles_cracks.png). Can you re-export the .sbs with this dependency? Also what resolution are you changing to and what version of UE4 are you using?

(right click on the .sbs and click Export with Dependencies)

        i made a tile material recently and when i export an sbsar file, it works fine in substance painter but when i import and increase its resolution in marmoset or unreal engine the Albedo map turns all brown.

@lohitrshetty ,

Can you post your .sbs file so I can take a look?

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