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Of course Substance will be part of the CC suite, as are all Adobe apps. No one ever denied this, why would anyone think otherwise? The only open question/fear is if newer versions will eventually be ONLY available through CC. As owner of a perpetual license I don't hope so.

Still, calling CC wildly expensive or massive bloatware is lacking any sense of proportion. The whole CC suite (20+ apps) costs about the same as Modo (subscription), but less than half of what Autodesk charges for Max or Maya alone. And the CC app takes up less than 50 MB of RAM which is neglible on any reasonable workstation and has never crashed or interfered with my work in any way. Don't get me wrong, I dislike the idea of software as a service and understand anybody who doesn't want to be a part of that, but be fair.

But wow, Adobe's vision for the future of Substance sounds horrible (thanks for the link, 87sunny!).
Gaming Technology is Changing How We Design and Visualize Products
Let's take something really cool and see how we can use it for something uncool! Yay!

Thank you Wes (and others) for your comments and explanations, it's very much appreciated. I will not jump ship for now (I run CC anyway) and hope for the best.

I simply have a hard time imagining Adobe suddenly caring about highly specialized, niche markets like gamedev/VFX/animation. When I look at their products page, it's all graphic/web/product/package design, photography, stock content, advertising, marketing, branding, ease of use etc. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing exciting either.
A 3D & Immersive initiative by a company with that porfolio of apps does not exactly fill me with hope.

But maybe you guys can change all that and make Adobe an exciting company again??? I wish you all the best!

This is sad news.
I do not share the general animosity towards adobe or even its subscription model, and I do not claim to be able to see the future of Substance. But I do have a problem with large shareholder owned tech companies buying more and more smaller, potentially competing companies. I think if our politicians were doing their job, acquisitions like this should be prevented by anti-trust laws. Mergers and acquisitions by ever larger monopolies are not ""exciting news" for customers - competition is.

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