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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Color Picker
 on: June 03, 2020, 11:04:31 am 
I have my "Properties - Fill" menu on a second screen and figured out that if you hold down on the eyedropper and drag to any part of the second screen it will actually pick something on that screen. Maybe this is because its a later version though? Hopefully you can do this too.  ;D

Wow yeah restarting doesn't really reduce the ram usage for me.

I've optimised (changed the bits per channel down to 8) on a bunch of nodes and am using 97% of my ram after a program restart. I have 16gb physical memory and a good portion of it is allocated to and being filled by SD.

 ;) Thanks man, I scoured the known internet to no avail and figured as much.

Cheers for your prompt reply.

Hey there,

I'm pretty new to Substance, but really enjoying it.

Does anyone know of a way in either Painter or Designer to export a tessellated mesh from either program?

I wanted to use this high poly mesh afffected by the height information to deform a mesh and then export that tessellation deformed mesh including the textures.

Is there wa way to do this?

I setup a test object (rocky cliff wall) and I can get the desired result through the shader, but when I export the mesh it comes out flat again.

Thanks for reading  :D

Hi there,

Something that I think is very unclear and are an issue for me are preference backups.

So far I am only aware that the registry holds all the preference data. Is this correct? According to this, is this where things like UI layout are backed up? Is this the only way of backing them up?

Every time there is a new update for Substance Designer/Painter the preferences for things like UI layout get wiped it seems.

My questions therefore are...

1. If I export the each program registry folder can I import it back and have my UI and other settings restored without conflict between the new program version and old?

2. If there are conflicts will I be aware of them, or will the program just break?

3. Generally how would you go about restoring as many preferences as possible in one go, if the registry method is not the correct method?

I ask this because setting everything up again after each (very frequent) update is a real pain and doesn't help with muscle memory when having to look for palettes that are in different places.

Thanks so much for reading :)

Yes! Being able to hide UV islands/objects/poly's would be super helpful.

As a new user, coming from 3DCoat this is a huge timesaver.

I hope to see this in a future release.  ;D

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