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I am really interested in trying this out.

I have played with Vincent's terrain ideas, and can create some interesting procedural terrains.

Where I get stuck is in trying to figure out how best to project the textures onto a sphere.

There seem to be several issues:

1. What type of sphere to use, and with what (if any) UV islands
2. How to get both a high-res result and avoid obvious tiling repetition
3. How to generate terrain features accross separate UV islands without weird distortions and obvious seams.

I really like Imphenzia's work, using Substance in Unity, (, but am baffled by how he gets such a great result. He very briefly says he has a wide equatorial band, using only 2 tiles (2048x2048) crossfaded with the 2 polar regions (the height maps), but again, I have no clue how to do this, and can't imagine how he, for instance, would get an ice cap to 'grow' in size to cross the seam between the polar region and the equatorial band.

I've tried a tri-planar node approach, using a 4096x4096 single square texture, and a quincuncial sphere that enables using one square texture for the whole sphere, but the resolution ends up being too low, due to the uv mapping using less than 50% of the total texture area (and some serious stretching deformation to blend the seams via the Tri-planar node).

Any ideas for projection techniques and blending/crossfading ideas, or whatever I need for this, would be greatly appreciated. been banging my head on this for weeks  :-\

Brilliant! That works for me too!

I tested simply by applying your new sbar file texture to a cube in Unity and building a scene to a W7 (64bit) app.

I guess, for me, 'all Substance materials' meant your tutorial material AND the tutorial material I had made. Since there were significant differences in each version, I assumed that it would break for all Substance materials, though this might not have been the case.

Still, great to have it working, and I will do some further tests along the lines you have discovered to stay the right side of 'too much to compute'. Now, I can resume my quest to build multiple procedural planets using Substance! Yay!

Thanks for all your hard work and for seeing this through to a resolution :-)

Hi there! Hope you've not forgotten me!

So, do you find this problem with all your PBR materials in unity? (Like I do?).

Any closer to knowing why/how to fix it?

I was seeing that message in the Unity console after force quitting the unresponsive build. I'm not sure if always got the message, or just using my own rock version (not at home right now). The behaviour you found is the same for me, however, using the tutorial files, my version, and/or unity 5.4 or latest beta.

EDIT: Just checked: Not getting any red errors in Unity using 5.5 beta with your tutorial files (just some yellow alerts to unnecessary commands), but built app still hangs when started.

I mean it hangs when I run the build, not when I build it

I have already tried that. The tutorial map scene also crashes (hangs) when starting the build, using unity beta 5.5.09b  :(

Great tutorial, BUT...when I finally try to build the scene with Unity, the build crashes at start and Unity shows this error (when I force the new build to close):

material->IsFlagEnabled (ProceduralMaterial::Flag_Clone) || m_PingedMaterial == NULL || m_PingedMaterial == material UnityEditor.HostView:OnGUI()

btw...this problem is not present if I delete the subsance material from the scene, and the problem also occurs if I open the complete example unity package from the tutorial download  :( (I am using Unity 5.4.1f1)

Anyone any idea what is wrong/I am doing wrong? Thanks!

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