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Is it possible to save the export settings so I don't have untick the unwanted channels every time I want export something?

Is there a way to pack different data into different channels when exporting from Substance Player?

Here they are:

Yep, it's that simple: for some reason the "parent" resolution the graphs see is very low. Is there a config file or something I could send over?

EDIT: One more clue: the low resolution is a problem for me with graphs which generate stuff and the low-res effect also apparent on their thumbnails. (Blurs for example are really sensitive to resolution so it's obvious from the thumbnail when something is off.)

Please find the file attached. I used the generic filter template. Create a new painter project in high resolution, place some material on the surface then drag the filter above it so a passthrough layer is created.

In the meantime I saw this exact issue on a generator too: everything was calculated low res until I set the absolute size on the nodes.

It seems that the "parent resolution" is 256-ish when running the passthrough, even if the Painter project is 4K. As a workaround I set every node in the filter to an absolute 4096 and now the incoming data passes through without losing details.

Filters from Substance Share suffer from the same thing however the stock filters like blur do work on a sharp incoming image. Interesting.

Okay, the EXR import is fine. I narrowed down the issue to the passthrough blend mode.
As a test the filter SBS does nothing, the input is directly linked to the output. When it's used to process everything bellow it in the Painter stack it should not change anything. But it does, as seen on the picture. Is this a bug or I just missed some setting?

So Painter seems to import the .EXR file used to provide the mapping coordinates but then it butchers the precision, even if the resource is set to "environment". Is there a workaround for that?

Is it possible that a Pixel Processor's Sampler node reads a HDR texture but outputs a LDR values? I think what I'm seeing is quantization artifacts. Although that doesn't explain the difference between Designer and Painter...

Interestingly the Output Size doesn't show up in Painter even tho I export it to the SBSAR.

Is it just me or Painter consumes the media key inputs? I can't control a music player in the background. Designer doesn't have this problem.

I'm working on a generator which takes two images and maps one using the other. (An image based UVs sort of thing.)

Now, everything looks great in Substance Designer but when used in Painter the resolution is terribly low. (See attached image.) Why would that be? I set every node manually to 4k but that didn't help.

Is the source node graph for the "Tri-Planar Advanced" generator available? (Or anything similar?)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Custom projection type
 on: October 26, 2019, 04:46:55 pm 
Is there a way to set up a custom projection type for a layer? Something where an arbitrary vector2 is used as mapping coordinates.

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