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Okay, the link I found about that in FAQ took me to a guide for mapping a network drive. Which i thought i had done. Ill give it another look and see where i went wrong.

For anyone that might have a similar issues, I figured out what i was doing wrong.

I had made all my windows quick access pins to the relevant drive location before i mapped the drive. Thus when i used those quick access links i was going via the //file rather than the N:/File. At least i think thats what happened.
Is working now, with the new pin quick access shortcuts things.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Re: the model will have joints
 on: November 21, 2019, 05:19:39 am 
Seems like you might want to go into the Maya project and make sure that edge loop is smooth and not hard. This should not result in that kind of issue, but guess its worth a shot

If its showing as black in base color view but not in material view sounds like it might just be the lighting. Try switch the environment to one of the studio lighting options down the bottom, they are more neutral and could help.

Also it dosnt seem your image upload worked 

Does your PC have the required specs to run substance? Also have you made the changes to TdrDelay in the regedit? I had some issues with baking before i got around to changing the TdrDelay stuff 

Maybe you need to change the texture settings size of you painter document? might be starting in 1024? Also you can scale the skin texture to suit the UV scale of your model if the texel density is there to support the details.  One/all of the skill layers will have a scale option

So i did a fresh install of windows then substance, and since then iv been unable to work properly with files on the network drive. I can still open and save substance files to the drive, but cannot import pngs or export textures to the drive. I can however do these things on my local drive. I was also able to do this before the fresh install.
Ive looked at the common issues thread by Froyok, but the miscellaneous section about network path was of no help.
Tried a few administration options but with no luck 

This image shows the import error i got after using the import tool in file menu.

This image shows the import error i got drag dropping from network drive.

Any tips on how to get around this?
Also Ive got my nework drive mapped properly

Could you attach a Maya scene file that we could use to reproduce the bug ?

Hey guys, still getting this bug. Seems to be more frequent than ever of late.

That's not possible because Iray is an unbiased path tracer. In reality (which is the goal of Iray) you can't simply "disable" shadows, because that's not physically possible (unless you use lights). The noise can be eliminated by the number of maximum samples that you give and the amount of time that you render with Iray.

It would still be a handy feature. I'm currently rendering out some icon. They have floating geo with opacity to getting a repeating text over the surface of a cardboard box like link. it would be nice to be able to turn off casting shadows on that material id. I dont really see how limiting functionally is ever helpful per your argument

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Re: Hotkeys
 on: November 14, 2018, 03:43:54 am 
four other suggestions for the potential hotkey wishlist:
-scroll inside ui window without having to click scrollbar or mousewheel (ideally by having pressed spacebar to pan up and  down, or alternatively middle mouseclick)
-quickly set numeric value to zero (by right or middle mouse click on the number in the UI, as per default in 3dsMax)
-quickly set color value to 100% white with a key
-quickly set color value to 100% black with a key (both useful during drawing a mask when you have set a grey color but want to paint total opacity or total transparency fast - without going into properties)

X should switch between black and white while painting mask, but sometimes it buggs out and you have to restart the program.

turns out i was wrong, problem is not fixed at all.

It seem to bake the normal info into the ao map as normal, then seems to fill the uv islands with black or white then flip these "uv shadows" vertically and set this fill layer to overlay.

 ive tried re-exporting the mesh in question with full frozen translations and such. not sure what is going on.

Can i send my mesh and normal map someplace for you to try to recreate the issue?



So this error was really messing me up for a while.
Just updated to 2.6 and the problem is fixed as far as I can tell.

Bump, I'm also getting the same problem.  Happy to e-mail my scene if it helps


Okay, so i worked out what i was doing wrong.
Normally i just plug i the normal and bake all the other maps from that.
However this time i just wanted to see what the AO was like first because i had a few extra object in the scene just to cast AO.

However because i wasnt baking a world space normal or maybe its the position map first, substance was wigging out and rotating or flipping the AO derived from the normal map

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