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Hi pbowmar,

One thing that changed between 2019.1.0 and 2019.1.1 is that we now bundle the freetype library alongside Substance Designer (see,29285.0.html). Maybe this is the cause of your issue, could you try removing it so that the freetype of your system gets used instead of the one we ship?


Luc Touraille

Hi kikepgomez,

Here is another thread discussing the problem you encounter:,29285.0.html . Could you try the workaround I proposed at the end of this thread, namely removing the file from the install directory of Substance Designer?

Hi potrivaev,

Thanks a lot for sharing your findings, it is very useful!

I think your problem comes from the fact that we are now bundling a specific version of the freetype library alongside Designer, to accommodate our users that are on older versions of CentOS 7 and don't have this version readily available. It seems the freetype library that we bundle requires libpng15, which is not present on your system. With Substance Designer 2019.1.0, the freetype library used was the one of your system, which presumably requires libpng12. Therefore, a simpler workaround for your issue might be to remove the file from the install directory of Substance Designer.

Hi Marguerite,

I think these packages are required to get and We have made some changes to remove the dependency to, so the next bugfix release should not list libglvnd-opengl as a requirement anymore. In the meantime, maybe you can try installing Designer without going through the dependency management: rpm -ivh --nodeps designer.rpm.

Since you are on CentOS 7.4, you will probably stumble upon an issue related to the Freetype library as well (see this thread,29127.0.html). We are actively working on fixing this issue, hopefully the next bugfix will solve it as well.

Until we devise an appropriate solution, you can try the following workarounds:
 - update the freetype package. It should not trigger any other updates and the compatibility issue should be fixed afterwards
 - if you don't want to update any package, you can put the .so of the updated freetype library (v2.8) next to the Substance Designer executable. You can get it from the latest rpm here:

Hey there,

We are aware of the issue, it comes from the fact that our CentOS builders are up to date and that there is apparently no backward compatibility between point releases of CentOS. We are actively working on finding a solution to the problem!

According to the log you sent, it seems Substance Designer starts correctly, so it finds the library it requires. There are many errors related to X11, are you maybe running in a virtual machine, or remotely (through ssh, vnc, something like that)?

Hi ecacc!

First of all, you should know that Substance Designer is officially supported on Ubuntu through Steam only, the standalone (rpm) version targets CentOS. However, you may try troubleshooting your custom install by running ldd on the Substance Designer executable to see if some libraries are not found correctly. Also, is there any output when running Designer from the command line? Is there a log file generated in '~/.local/share/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer/log.txt'? If so, could you send it to me?

From what I read, if you want to avoid redownloading your entire library, you should be able to simply rename SteamApps to steamapps, or create a symlink steamapps -> SteamApps. See this related ticket for instance:

Hmm, in your previous messages you mentioned the path ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps; the logs have /home/grant/.local/share/Steam/steamapps (lowercase steamapps). Can you confirm that the directory on your system is indeed named with uppercase letters? That would explain why the creation of the symlink fails. I found other references to this SteamApps vs steamapps issue, I'll keep digging to see if that's something we can fix on our side or not.

Hey @GrantB
Thanks for the help troubleshooting this issue, your research is very helpful! Could you please send us the log file content_log.txt, which should be in <steam_root>/logs? It may contain additional information as to why it fails to create the symbolic links.

Hi tylerfurby,

The command to launch Substance Designer from the command line should be substancedesigner, not Substance_Designer. If it does not work, you can try going inside the install folder and run ./Substance\ Designer.

Please note that you are trying to run a software built for CentOS on another unsupported distribution, so you may experience some issues.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Re: AXF import
 on: April 20, 2018, 06:15:27 pm 
Hi Hauke,

I'm not an expert in AxF and material representations, but as far as I understand the simplest way to work with AxF in Designer is to use the provided SBS and MDL templates ("AxF to PBR Metallic Roughness" or "AxF to PBR Specular Glossiness"). When importing, you can generate both a Substance graph and a MDL graph, which provide a basis on which you can iterate. The Substance graph needs to be instantiated in the MDL graph, and the outputs connected to the corresponding MDL nodes.

Have you tried using these templates to see what they are generating?


Hi ditsikts and Lockdonnen,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Designer. Like you said this problem may be related to DPI, perhaps some interaction goes wrong between the OS, Steam and Designer. What is your monitor resolution? Do you have some scaling set up on your system?

Hi mglsys,

After some research it seems the loading of settings is not the cause of the crash. To have some more information about the crash, could you send us the full strace of the execution? A core dump could also be very helpful, can you check if one is generated when the application crashes? If there is one, I send you a pm with a link to upload it to our Dropbox. If there is none, could you try executing Designer through gdb to obtain a stack trace of the point of failure ?

gdb Substance_Designer
<wait for crash>
backtrace full

Thanks for your help.

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