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Hi, I was just wondering if you were able to look into the full node graph of a material downloaded from substance source?


It would keep rendering on the fly as i make changes, 50% of the time it works.. though take for example when im making coble stones.. all the minor tweak i make adding blended cracks, noise etc  they tend to update fine. though when i go back to the coble stone pattern at the beginning on the chain and change the pattern it would show me the new pattern overlaid over the old pattern. as if its a glitch.. i tend to have to rebuild the material by going to material - rebuild all - reset the height size for it to show the changes correctly..

see image below for a better explanation

thanks for your help mate

Thanks for the reply mate.

I'm also having issues when I modify my procedurals, Sometimes it wont update in the Iray renderer like it does in open GL.
I'll ahve to strip my material and rebuild it for it to update my changes in the Iray view. Is this another bug? or am I missing something.
(I've updated my graphics card to the latest driver)


Hi guys,

I'm trying to control the "tessellation Factor" in my material settings though it's not showing up as an option?
I'm using the physically based metal/roughness shader.

any help would be great, Cheers!   

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