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Luca and Eric - thank you for such a thorough explanation. It certainly clears things up :)

Thanks Luca, I appreciate your response!

Would you mind shining even more light on how SD uses multi-threading and/or parallel processing? There is not much insight to it, apart from the status bars and task manager.

Just like you said, it seems like it caps out at some point, meaning it will never use the full potential of the “high-core-count” CPU. How is the memory exactly bottle-necking it? Is it something you may be looking at in the future, in terms of improvement and better usage of hardware? Maybe something similar to PDG in Houdini? I understand it’s a very specific tool (most likely completely different) but it does give you a whole lot of control on how you could use computational resources available.


I've been trying to use SSE2 engine in Substance Designer lately and it seems like it's working in some odd manner.
It's using only 50% (more or less) of its power and always allocates tasks to the same threads (see image below).

FYI in other DCC applications the CPU is working just fine, 100%, all threads whenever needed.

Is that correct? Am I missing some registry tweaks? Happy to find out more.

Hello there,
It seems like the "Linear sRGB to ACEScg" converter is flipped. It's the same in v2019.3.1
I assume it's wrong, right ? ;)

Hello there,
I have the same issue with Substance Player, version 2018.1. All hyphens turn into underscores :\

Is it going to be fixed ?

Hi Wes,

I'm just checking up whether that issue has been solved since October last year :D ? Are you still planning to develop that feature ? Maybe some color labeling ?
If not, do you have any tips how to better control / clean up the amount of inputs in UE4? It seems to me that putting them into groups is the best way so far...

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