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Is there a decent workaround for hiding geometry (as of Oct2018)? Only 3 I know of:

1. Jam camera through meshes and tweak FOV (not much success personally)

2. Preemptively explode model

3. Opacity channel + Mask

 If any Allegorithmic staff reads this, is there a way to allow a single brush stroke to penetrate multiple surfaces? (even if just using Camera alignment)

I'm probably missing something here, but couldn't we combine Quick mask with a temporary opacity shader/layer + Alignment (Camera) so long as we could penetrate through the masked invisible mesh surface?

Anyone know any emissive generation techniques similar to the Light generator but instead of general directional lighting, it's more of a light bulb?

I'd imagine position + thickness could be used in a "Light Bulb" generator to simulate a light bulb projecting onto the mesh surface, but I'm guessing this dives into ray-tracing territory?

ohhhh I see! Thanks for bearing with the noobs out there like me!

I'm sure there's a reason, but intuitively I just thought that I could right-click on a folder, similar to layers, to get the filter->transform.

Passthrough makes so much more sense now.  ::)

edit: Forgive me Jeremy! After reading your comment, I went to test it out further and it worked fine.

My error was related to my typical workflow for overlapped UV's.  :-X

Unless I'm mistaken and just dont know the correct steps, I still dont understand how Multi/Sub material + MatID doesn't work.

ID maps for 3ds max to Substance Painter seem like such an unnecessary inconvenience of having to vertex paint manually before importing-- or am I being lazy? :P

Hi wes, I'm a bit newer to SD but is there still no way to determine which one needs to be deleted? Not entirely sure how to locate the duplicated nodes.

Is there a method similar to a fresh install?

Not to belabor this issue but is this still not a default feature?

If I wanted 2 folders for vertical/horizontal grains of a complex wood material, I'd have to manually rotate 10+ layers 90-degrees? If I wanted to make edits, I'd have to re-rotate all the layers again, no?

Hi, I use a lot of custom mask generators I've made and from Substance Share but a lot of them are old so they dont support the newer microdetail parameters.

I was hoping anyone knew a way to add the microdetail parameters into MG's, but I'm clueless... Any ideas how to do this would be appreciated.

edit: I just tried to open up the newer mask generators to study the graphs but all I can find is the sbsar. :(

Thank you Alex! Tried it out and it looks really promising! 

It feels like the answer is really simple, but I've been struggling to build a generator mask for a stylized wavy mask like in the examples below.

Can anyone help point a newbie in the right direction? I spent the whole day testing curvature + all sorts of warps and noises. Is that the correct method for this effect?

How do I get a wavy pattern that follows the curvature?

Just to confirm, using OBJ for both hi and low seemed to fix the issue for me as well instead of FBX (Using 2017.3).

Not really sure if there's any benefits of using FBX over OBJ for Substance Painter/Designer. Does anyone know if it matters for the workflow between these 2 programs?

edit: I LIED. Still not able to use "Match by mesh name" with OBJ

edit2: FBX works, obj doesn't. It's working so I'm not going to jinx it. :X

Does anyone know the equivalent of "resetting" names in 3ds max? Having issues getting "match by mesh name" to work (perfectly named everything but bake just acts like it wasn't exploded)

Can't seem to find a tutorial on this but I used modeling software to get small screws placed along some trims.

Only issue is that I can't seem to figure out how I'd paint the screws' materials without manual painting in SP. Is there a way to achieve this?

Painter's "Match by mesh name" works perfectly fine, but Designer will produce an empty black map for bakes unless I use "Match Always".

I've tried using simple test meshes and nothing seems to work. I made sure to set and name suffixes properly and place them together and export as fbx w/ default settings from 3ds max. Read through a lot of similar posts but none of them fixed the issue.

If it works fine in painter, would it have to be something related to designer rather than the models?

Here's the fbx's just in case:

Thanks vince.

Unrelated issue but since I tried this bridge script, I can't create new projects anymore in SP. I've tried reinstalling SP but no luck. Is it possible this could be related or just coincidence?I tried deleting all the files (,,, etc.) but I have no idea what I'm doing.  :-[

edit: I deleted the registry to do a clean install and it fixed the problem:

Again, I have no idea if the bridge script is related to the issue or not. Just thought I'd post in case it might be.

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