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I used to type number start from point, like .5 .6 ...etc, and sometimes (kind of my mistake) point  not  write correctly and value goes to huge numbers like 1.455 becomes 1455, and substance designer going crash.
please add warning window if large numbers typed and user could fix mistakes. please please please

Hi !
I usually create id map in substance designer , and I use multi material blend node or  color to mask node to blend different type of materials.
But I uncomfortable with color select in 2d view, couse I could not figure out fastly  which color is going to which part of mesh .
Could it possible to have material channel select option in 3d view like substance painter does? 

thanks, waiting for final release then  :'(.

I have both designer and painter indie licence since 2015,and up grade till now.
but i could not see any download button, so is beta just for monthly payment users or i just missing somthing.

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