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What would be the correct approach to skipping pixels in the pixel processor. Eg only apply to every third pixel

Hoping you can help with an issue i'm having running a node through a Tile Generator Color node.
Previous to the Tile Generator Color , the pixels of the alpha are colored/brown. After running through the TGC they are grey/black.
Is there a way to keep the original or ensure the alpha is processed correctly.
Is there a specific method to ensure a clean alpha/transparency when adding a colored feature to another map. Eg - a coin on a table, a mole on skin, a decal on a texture.

I've included an image to make things clearer ;


When using a random function inside an opacity variable, the random function simply increases the opacity rather than choosing random values.
I've tried hooking up the random seed, or changing global seed but the same occurs. The higher the random seed, the higher the opacity.
Am I doing something wrong ? I'm trying to get the global random seed ( or local ) to randomize the opacity setting in a node graph.

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