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Was reviewing the Wes tutorials on the si-fi crate workflow and he started with putting in height map texture information using Alpha, then baking and continuing the workflow.  Question I have is you can also using normal textures now within SP, when/why would you chose to use Alpha with height versus normals to create the details?  Alpha are easier to create? Can we not convert eh Alpha to Normal textures?

This is just more for my understanding when/why to make certain choices.  Thank you.

When using the normal textures in SP 2.x as a "stamp" some of them have built in "invert" options.  For the ones that do not is there an easy way to invert the normal texture stamp?


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Texture Sets Workflow
 on: February 24, 2015, 04:56:44 am 
Got some good guidance on the 3D-Coat board:

I keep running into an issue when I try to bring the base color texture back into Zbrush.

I create the UV Map in ZB, export the .OBJ and load into SP.  Paint a simple color over one section, export the Base Color channel and import into ZB Texture and the alignment is all off.  Obviously something is not mapping correctly.

As a test I created the UV Map in Blender instead of ZB and same issue.  If I pull the texture into Blender itself then it works.

What step am I missing in ZB for the UV Maps to align correctly?  Do I need to flip something?

Any assistance would be helpful, thank you

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