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Hey guys,

Having a weird issue. I found a 3D body model online and i imported it to substance painter. I colored it and drew some stuff on the model. I went ahead and watched some youtube videos on how to export properly and i chose to export with the unity 5 (standard metallic) preset and added an ambient occlusion map to the export (because videos did it). I went ahead and made a new material in unity and added the png files to the appropriate sections. None of my drawings are showing on the model, instead, the model is just completely black. When I adjust the metallic smoothness slider all that happens is the model is less or more shiny, still black.

The model on the left is the original model, the model on the right is the model after ive applied my material on it. also under is the models original settings. In the first image on the right is my materials settings.

I've never used substance painter until now so I'm not sure if my process is wrong. I also added a Villa Nova Streets enviroment to the model while i was clicking around, not sure if that has to do with anything. Ive attached what my texture looks like in the program and some of my layers and maps if that helps.

Would appreciate any help on this, been stuck with it for 2 days now. Let me know if any more information is needed.


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