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Sometimes on larger projects(?) it seems that the ID mask gets corrupted to some degree in unpredictable(?) ways. Big chunks of the material end up missing (transparent. if i make a flat colored layer below with no masks you can see it), and it's not even the same between channels (Albedo, Metallic, Roughness). Deleting the color selection and re-selecting it either fixes the problem to some degree or breaks something on one of the other 4 groups using color selection masks. I have 4 different groups, each with a color selection mask on the topmost layer of each. I have a couple transparent textures I'm using but I can't imagine why that would be interfering, especially considering the previous sentence.

Using version 2018.3.3.
Maybe this bug was fixed in newer versions? Can't find anyone else mentioning this problem though.

Here is an image of what happens. Albedo, Roughness, and Metallic maps side by side:

Currently using version 2018.3.3 so maybe there's a workaround in newer versions and I'm happy to fork over the cash for the latest version if necessary.

I'm trying to bake curvature maps but my model uses mirrored/re-used UVs and I guess SP uses world normals when baking curvature maps so as you would imagine this makes the baked curvature map unusable wherever there are overlapping UVs. My first thought was to make the mirrored faces a separate material but unlike AO curvature does not bake between different materials. The only solution I can see is to manually splice together curvature maps which is about as far from ideal as I can imagine.

The UVs are overlapping sure but if you were to bake them out individually you would get the same results as the overlapping UV islands are always identical and their relative positioning to other geometry is always the same.

Re-using UV space is so common I can't imagine that curvature maps are just useless in these instances, right?

I'm trying to get the Specular workflow working, but I'm getting a strange visual effect.
In my material, the specular color is set to purple and the glossiness is cranked up (to show the effect more clearly)
On the reverse side of the specular is the color opposite of it (in this case that color is green)

In the material view it is also visibly green:

I'm using the built-in pbr-spec-gloss shader and my diffuse color is grey.

Doing the same thing in Unity results in just a shiny purple object with no traces of green at all.
I could understand if it worked differently but having the opposite color bleed in like this certainly can't be a desired effect.

What's going on?

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