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Let's imagine a unique object with X materials. When you export the textures of this object from SP, you'll get X albedo files, X normal files,....

Now, let's go back to this object, assign to it a unique material, but seperate the X parts of this object corresponding to the X materials with the technic of Vertex Paint (as the exemple below : a unique object, a unique material assigned to it, but two parts - the two cubes - vertex painted in blue and red)

Now, with SP, I properly bake the necessary Mesh Maps, and particulary the ID map :

I ctrl+drag a first material on the red cube (Steel Painted) and then a second material (Rust Fine). The blue cube remains completly white.

I then decide to apply a smart mask (Edge Rust) on the red cube (always with ctrl+drag on the corrresponding layer). And here is the result :

The blue cube is now also textured with the couple material Rust and smart mask Edge Rust.

Sorry for that long introduction. But my question is : if I can apply materials on an object according to the vertex painted parts, why can't I apply the same technic with smart masks ?


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