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I am rendering using Arnold render in 3dsMax, I played with the settings of the normal map but nothing helped to fix the inverted lighting look it has :

As you can see without normal map it looks just fine so the mesh has one single correct and unified normal direction :

The viewport of Substance Painter looks like this :

What could be the issue here? any help would be appreciated.

Edit : a reddit user nicknamed 'markaamorossi' helped me to solve the issue..the problem was that it was lacking that special image component of Arnold that I was not aware of which has to be set to linear color space and now it finally renders as it should (It's worth mentioning that he also said to make sure to use the tangent space option) :

It can't just be a regular image texture so the material editor now looks like this :
Thanks to him I was able to fix it.

I just want to create a simple material for use in Substance Painter with custom texture and so on, nothing too complex or deep, so is it even possible to do that within SP? or you just have to use Substance Designer for that (for creating even simple materials) ?

Turning the backface culling off does not ignore these invisible faces (which has their normal facing inwards like shown in the pic I included).

So how can I tell it to ignore these faces so I can paint on the mouth model without having to be in it?


Apprently the UVW mapping is fine, but the exported texture from SP in 3dsMax does not appear to be matching over and between seams..why is that and how can I fix it?

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