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Hi guys,

I am upgrading my system (GTX 1070 laptop), and as I travel a lot I am switching to a ultrabook (Dell XPS13) and looking at eGPUs. Anyone have any experience using eGPUs with Substance Painter for viewport painting etc,  - I am looking at the Aorus 2070 eGPU gaming box to add to my Dell. All the benchmarks I can find are for games rather than 3D work, and I'm unsure how they compare...

Be great to hear!

Hi guys!

I have a high density .obj with associated .mtl generated via photogrammetric techniques, that look like the attached.

I think it was exported from Zbrush.

- I have the high vertex count mesh
- I have a retopopologised low-poly mesh

I would like to bake the color data (& a normal map) from the high-res mesh to the low res mesh using Substances baking tools.
Are you able to offer a workflow as to how I would go about doing this?

Hope to hear!

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Normals baking issue
 on: September 15, 2016, 10:32:03 pm 
Hi guys

I've brought a low & high poly mesh into SD from 3DCoat. In 3DC I get a nice bake:

In SD the overall bake is good but despite playing around with tonnes of settings I get these weird lines all over the mesh too, any ideas?

Here's the retopo:

Be really great to hear. Whenever I try to get into Substance I find these small annoying issues that make me leave it again and just get the project done in 3DC. Would finally like to get SD up & running.


Hi Allegorithmic,

I created & exported some basic maps in Substance Designer. I brought these into Substance Painter and began painting on these.

On trying to export with the Unity 5 Standard (metallic roughness) workflow I'm getting the following errors. Can you please help me understand what's going on?

[MapExporter] The input map 'Opacity' needed by the map 'hoof_wall_lo_Hoof_wall_AlbedoTransparency' of the texture set 'Hoof_wall' isn't available because: 'Opacity' channel is missing in your texture set.
[MapExporter] The input map 'Emissive' needed by the map 'hoof_wall_lo_Hoof_wall_Emission' of the texture set 'Hoof_wall' isn't available because: 'Emissive' channel is missing in your texture set.
[MapExporter] The map 'hoof_wall_lo_Hoof_wall_Emission' can't be generated for the texture set 'Hoof_wall'.
[MapExporter] Export duration: 2s
[MapExporterDialog] Map export ended

Here's a screenshot:

Thanks in advance

Hi guys,

Finally getting into using Substance with Unity (Unity 5.1.3p1)

I'm getting some odd behaviour trying to get my Substance file / all the bitmaps from my Substance project to import correctly though:

Here's my tree:

The model in Substance

The substance in Unity

I'm Publishing the substance to Unity as an .sbsar file (via right-click & 'Publish')

I'm not getting my AO map coming in automatically. I've tried a few times & the albdeo color now each time comes in as a weird colour, either green or red.

What am I missing?
Thanks in advance,

I've started getting into Substance designer and I'm loving it. What an awesome piece of kit. An early problem though:
- I seem to be able to create good looking textures in an empty package using a new graph working on a primitive 
- when I reference these graphs into a new package with some actual meshes I want to apply them to, the quality either drops or they just don't seem to work at all. I'm using a multi-material blend node to reference in the individual graphs and add onto the final graph to my final outputs.

2 examples
On primitive, just how I want it

On actual object

On primitive

On actual object

I have set all my graphs to be 4096x4096 in both graphs to try and rectify this.
It would seem to be an issue with the relative scale between the primitive and the actual object perhaps?

Any workflow tips or things I should be looking out for?

I still haven't figured out a workflow for this and I'm really keen to start working with SD especially (but also SP).

I work with multi-part meshes in 3DCoat. Eg each one of these parts of a larger mesh is a separate sculpt object that will need it's own texture/ material within Unity. For instance, there are 13 objects in this scene that have been unwrapped to 3 UV sets.

I would like to be able to create a separate substance / different texture for each one of these objects.

Currently however Substance only seems to import three materials, corresponding to my 3 UV sets.

Asking on the 3DC forums it is suggested that I need to unwrap the objects to their own UV maps individually to allow me to get a separate material for each and work with them individually. This seems massively inefficient however. Is there any method I am missing that I should know about? Full link to my 3DC thread

Hope to hear,

Hi guys

I'd like to achieve a blend of 2 colours smoothly on my mesh. Currently I have created a node setup like below, however applying this to the mesh of course results in the blend occurring on all the individual UVs, creating a quilted appearance

What I'd like to do is apply the gradient map to the mesh as it exists in the 3D view..

I imagine that you need to use a world space direction or normals map for this? And then use this map to drive the positioning of the gradient map? Can anyone give any pointers as to how to do this? There's not much on the JIRA knowledge base about it yet


General painting question, but does anyone have any tips as to how you can feather two colors together nicely when painting in SP? Like in the example below (cream to red)?

Be great if anyone had any tips,

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Texturing with a photo
 on: April 05, 2015, 12:15:07 pm 
Hi guys,

General workflow question. I have a photograph that I would like to use as a basis for color and height information for my mesh. Eg below, the area in yellow is the area I'd like to use to paint with.

Now what would be your recommended workflow for using this in Painter? I can already just enable the stenciling option and drag the image into the colour channel of the material but is there a better way?

Should I be using Bitmap2Material to clean this up first?
Or perhaps Photoshop to isolate the relevant area and then import to B2M?
Or perhaps just photoshop to SP and use the stenciling mode?

Any tips appreciated,

I have an fbx that's composed of multiple smaller meshes. I can't find an option to hide these parts individually to allow painting on areas that're hidden. Is there a way to do this? A google & forum search didn't help, - although it sounds like you have to just paint on the 2D textures in this scenario?


For some reason my mesh is getting imported rotated through 90 degrees in Substance and Unity (coming from 3DC). Am I right in thinking there's no way to manipulate the mesh itself to flip it back through 90deg to orientate correctly? You have to just move the camera view?

Hi there,

I was wondering whether there was anyone with a good understanding of SD & SP and happy to give some one-to-one tutoring on over Skype or Teamviewer? All I need initially is to be able to ask a few workflow questions with specifics to my project, but I'm sure there would be a lot of follow-up. I'll pay for the time and imagine it would take 30-60 minutes:)

I'm a 3DCoat user outputting final content in Unity, so would be great if you're familiar with those guys as well.

Hope to hear,

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