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Hi guys,

Steve Henricks made this project to demonstrate the use of SubstanceTools in Substance Painter and Designer.
Please take a look and let us know what you think!

Substance Tools products created with Allegoritmic's Substance Designer for Substance Designer and Substance Painter, are available in these stores:


>>> In-Depth Youtube tutorial here: <<<

Content - Substance Share - Submitted for Approval a week ago
 on: February 26, 2016, 01:38:03 pm 
Hi guys,

We submitted a Substance Designer utility node a week ago, and it's been pending for Approval ever since.
Just wanted to check how long it usually takes to validate this.



This tool made specifically for Substance Designer will allow users to quickly generate an infinite variety of panels, vents, and reliefs in any shape.

Panel and Vent Maker has a wide array of customizable attributes to make controlling the output easy.

75 unique profile shapes are included and users can apply their own custom profiles to create panels, vents and relief shapes.

Also included are a set of powerful modifier nodes designed specifically to make transforming duplicating and blending a snap.

Lastly, a set of 4 interior shape nodes with over 70 alpha options are included.

1 Core Node
- Panel and Vent Maker

3 Modifier Nodes
Transform & Symmetry
Panel Blender
Multi Splatter Radial

4 sets of Interior Shapes
- Basic Geometry
- Capsule and Chevron
- Louver and Grate
- Raised Patterns

Please, check our training videos:

Basic Functionality Video

Accessory Pack video

Substance Tools Team

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - SubstanceTools
 on: March 02, 2015, 05:20:38 pm 
Hi guys!

Our first product in the Substance Tools Fastener suite is now out: HEX HEAD FASTENERS!

You can choose between:
- Substance Tool version.
- Multi Tool Pack, which includes:
· Substance Tool
· ZBrush insert multi mesh for baking and rendering.
· Full alpha set
· NDO alpha template

Please, also check our Youtube video for a full demo on this tool!
We look forward to getting your feedback!

Is there a way to create a substance that, when published for painter, gives the user the option to input their own diffuse image as a base color. When I create a tool using a substance, the "or" field (like in the attached image), disappears and exposing a diffuse or baseColor input only allows the user to input a color.

Any thoughts?

When you add the Normal channel to a painter project, it doesn't respect the alpha of the normal stamp on a tool.  Also , the blending modes for this layer are not respected. Any thoughts on this?
First attached image is the alpha issue
Second attached image is the blend mode issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is it possible to sort options in drop down menus in any other way but alphabetically, without having to add a number prefix? When exposing a multi-select in SD and then using this substance in SP, the order you set in SP isn't respected and the list is resorted alphabetically.


It would be great to have the visible if functionality transfer from Substance designer to substance painter. Currently you have to see all the options in SP , even if they aren't exposed via "visible if" in SD. Any plans for this?

When I add a gradient, or histogram scan node after a 16 bit alpha, it results in a banded height map when used in substance painter. Is there a way to preserve the smoothness of the alpha and still use these nodes?

When adding a “normal” layer to a painter project the painted normal from a tool doesn’t seem to respect the normal layers blending modes. Also it never completely overrides the underlying normal map, leaving a blended result in all cases. Is there a way around this or is this a bug? Also I have noticed that the alpha channel in the normal slot of the substance tool is not respected, are there plans to make the alpha work for this slot as well?


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