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Hello everyone!

I saw an interesting video today from the makers of Star Citizen and they use substance designer to make terrains, It's interesting to watch.

What I am interested in is that they made an erosion node... I would love to see how they made it and if it could be a thing in future SD packages?

EDIT: Also to the mods I hastily put this in the wrong section, could this thread be moved to the SD features request instead please? :D

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Animated VFX in SD
 on: July 02, 2018, 12:50:32 am 
Hi all! You guys might have seen me spamming my stuff in the last couple of days over discord/facebook but I missed the forums!

Basically I've been using Substance designer to make animated VFX and using them in the particle system in Unity.

Like this one!

I actually just tidied up and released a substance file for the animated flame which yo ucan find here;

To start off I made a simple smoke puff which turned out really well I think, You can find that here with a graph screenshot and a video of the effect in action

It was quite a successful experiment so I starting going into it more by making myself an atlas creator node that generated a spritesheet of 64 image sequences. This way I could create a single frame of an effect, expose parameters for disorder and translate offsets etc then when I opened my atlas graph it would generate my spritesheet on the fly with the animations!

I wondered what else I could do with this method so I set out to make a flame which again you can find here with a few graph screenshots and spritesheets (including a zelda style flame to test iteration speed!)

I later perfected the fire effect and combined it with the smoke effect in Unity to make a seemingly simple but fully motioned 'camp fire' type effect. I really like this one, again with graph screenshots;

I wanted to try something different from smoke and fire so I figured maybe a fun little lightning test would be cool so I made this very simple but effective graph and brought it to life in Unity;

Then I saw a portal vfx on artstation so I made myself a firey portal!! fully animated again from substance designer to unity, graph screenshots too;

And Finally! My experiments have led me to a fully fleshed out workflow, at this point I'm able to iterate extremely fast thanks to substance designer, in fact all of these effects and were made this weekend. So I decided to make a full on explosion. Substance designer has allowed me to create all of this so quickly.

I hope you all enjoy this and I really hope that it will help artists think about substance as a way to bring VFX to your games. I loved the fast iteration and non destructive workflow but more importantly I didn't have to spend ages rendering anything either. :D


Hi all, I'm wondering if im missing something but I've had this issue a while, nodes in Substance designer with multiple input slots arent in any way named, so if theres multiple inputs on a node it's quite hard to tell which one is which. Am I the only one with this issue or am I missing some obvious way of telling the difference other than just plugging stuff in to see?

I think things like the Material Height Blend node is a good example of this, without just going right click>Collapse, you can't really see which input is what. :(

Does anyone have a simple answer? Maybe I'm just missing it.


Hello all! So I have a question regarding this shared node "Rotational warp";

Basically it works great but it breaks tiling, I was looking into it and can't find much information, it seems the Safe Transform node is the only thing that can rotate without breaking the tiling but I have no idea how that was achieved and if it can be done using a mask like the node above. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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