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Hello Friends, seems like I accidentally added a new Subscription to my account, when I already had one.
Substance Painter wasn't opening so I thought it was a subscription issue.

You can view my account and I verify I had an ongoing Subscription for a long time, and just one that I opened today in Panic -- sorry about that.

Thank you for the help.

Hello Fellas.

Im updating the Project mesh several times in the latest version of Painter, and its not reloading, as it used to be in previous versions of the Software.

I've tried dragging and dropping the new mesh into the window so UV's and Material update, and yet nothing happens.

I have to reload the project, and try again, or quit the software entirely and hopefully that solves it.

I am having about 25% success with updating/importing new meshes into Painter.

Hello fellas.

We're provided every month a license file for the studio to activate Substance tools.
Our Substance Designer 6.0 works with the monthly drop of licenses - however - the new substance Painter currently does not recognize the .key file as a file, and it says its "not a valid License file"

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: I am in a new computer, brand new install of windows - and this is a fresh install of Substance without any other installations, its rejecting the license file, and prior to this version of SP2, on my old computer (as of yesterday) with the same .key file, things were working smoothly.

Thanks !

Question for you guys.

Im mildly ticked that Substance Painter/Designer won't remember the UI Layout position after I exit the program, and have to re-arrange it again when starting something new.

Does anyone know why?

I am including DX Diags and logs from Before I close Painter, and right when I open it.
The example I give is from Painter, on latest build, but happens on Designer too - latest build as well.

Any help would be appreciated as I really am getting tired of re-arranging windows for both software's anytime I wanna work.

Thank you !

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