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I need help solving a problem that I'm sure many people have encountered when using distributed rendering with server nodes.

Basically, when I use distributed rendering, the buckets from the workstation CPUs read and render a substance2 material perfectly fine, but buckets from the render NODES resolve black. I don't get any errors in my dialogue about the plugin, so I'm thinking it's some kind of GPU issue.

I have two render pros from BOXX that are running ATS2400 onboard video graphics cards. Each machine is running  3ds Max 2019, V-Ray Next, and has the Substance Plugin successfully installed; however, I cannot open 3ds Max on these machines to change the Substance Settings from GPU to CPU. I changed the substance settings on my workstation to CPU to see if that would fix it, but the nodes still have their bucket issues.

Could someone shed some light on what is causing this problem and provide a solution? Is it a GPU issue? Is there a way to change the substance settings on these render nodes without opening 3ds Max?

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