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Hi guys.

Beginner here.
I watched a bunch of Allegorithmic tutorials in S Painter and few others on the web and I got to a point where I think I understand the steps I have to make, though I have a problem:
I DO NOT find tutorials for specular workflow but only for roughness-metallic one.

1. I am using C4d and vrayc4d
2. I think I understand form the maya for vray what I have to do: Export the maps as png (maybe exr but I must read more on it) and attached them as textures in the vrayc4d in the appropriate "places" so they would be rendered correctly (if it is wrong, please correct me)

Yet, becasue vray and also c4d with the new workflow are focusing on specular, where do I find tutorials and detailed explanations of building shaders/smart mats in SP working only on specular and not on metallic one ?
i do not want to learn the other workflow as I will not use it.

Also, if someone knows RealFlow and vray : I am thinking to export the from a scene mesh (on a certain frame) as alembic, get it in SP, paint it, attach the maps to the vray adv mat and use one material in C4D (as I do not find a way to make weight maps of RF work with vray). Is it possible ?

Any link / help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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