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Hey guys. I was messing around, trying to figure out the a way to get my substance published with 4k maps. I noticed a weird thing...

I set node size to "relative to parent" and left all of my maps as linked resources.

Here's the result i get when changing the output size of a graph in the designer:
at Parent x 1

at Parent x 4

Both of these make sense to me. The way I see it, since the map is just a reference to a file, it effectively doesn't get touched when graph size is set to Parent x 4. All fine and dandy.

I then published the substance (size set to Parent x 1) and this is what I get when setting the output size to 4096 in substance player :

In the preview window the map is still at 256x256

If I put any node between the map and output node, then publish - resulting map is in fact a 4k texture, but not the original. It's the 256 image blown up to 4k size.

Look like the published substance first downreses the image then scales it back up, even if it's just a linked resource and not an embedded one.

Is this normal behavior or a glitch?
Is there a way around this, other than getting the map using an input node?

If the image is semi transparent and placed in a copy blend node as a foreground darkens actually a little bit every time.

Here's an example screenshot for better understanding. The original image I put together really quickly.I just set the layer to 80% opacity inside photoshop and saved it out as a png.

All of the blend nodes are set to "copy" and those are color inputs below

In my substance I have six or seven nodes in a chain which means the "top most" image comes out on the other end almost completely black and basically unrecognizable if it's not 100% opaque on import.

If the image is plugged into background input, everything is fine

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Publishing errors
 on: February 02, 2013, 10:27:24 pm 
Hey there

A disclaimer first: I'm pretty new to Substance designer so I apologize if this is a silly question with an easy fix.

I'm using build 3.2.0 11232 trial version.

I made a substance that I now want to test out in 3DS Max. But when I tried to publish it, I got the following error:

It's obviously three instances of the same thing.
At first I figured I messed something up because three exclusion blend nodes I have in there, use a subgraph for one of their inputs. So I deleted the exclusion nodes and tried again.

Then I got this

After reading the first message more carefully I saw that the error is basically a missing mask input in the exclusion node. I placed a uniform white color there. Tried again. Got the error number two again.

I read somewhere that maximum map when cooking the outputs is 2048. I found that odd, especially since I edited the preferences and increased max cooking size to 32768. Reduced everything to 2k, and tried again. Error number two again.

So there are two problems here.
1) The exclusion blend node breaks at publish if there's no mask input
2) I have no idea what that is :)

I would really appreciate any help/info you guys can offer.
This is a great tool, but the errors I get render it pretty much useless at the moment. It would suck if I was unable to use it because of this.

Look forward to your (hopefully fast) reply, I'm eager to continue discovering the magic that is Substance Designer :)

Hey guys.
I'm quite new to Substance Designer. Haven't heard anything about it up until few days back which is kinda weird and sad - because it really is a great help in texturing workflow.
Currently using 3.2 trial version but I should be buying the commercial license in a few days time.

For my learning process I decided to texture one of my personal projects, which is a very complex space ship.

I'd like to put a few things on the wishlist that I really missed in the past week I've been using SD :)

Support for multi material 3D meshes. Spaceship I'm working on has different material for fuselage, cockpit, and four different weapons. When I'm working on one graph the results gets applied on all of the assets. This makes it distracting. So far I've solved this problem by separating the ship in different meshes and working on one at a time, but I would love to be able to tweak all of them "at once" to keep the general style in check

Hue / Saturation blending node There are quite a few blending nodes in SD, but HSL node doesn't have an input mask. I needed to desaturate only certain parts of my texture and I eventually succeeded, but I had to do some serious node magic. If I had the H/S blending node I could've done it in under a minute. Tried it in Photoshop and that's exactly how much time it took. I can send you guys a psd example file and a better explanation of why I wanted this effect to be localized. And sbs file to show how I managed to get it.

Vector text support I think the reason for this is pretty obvious
Actually any text support would be welcome :)

Support for multiple lights in 3D view I like to setup my light system and then work on the textures/materials. So far when I'm painting the underside I need to move the light down to see the effect, then back up to see it from the top side. Workaround for this is increasing the ambient light, but that doesn't give the proper information.

There are a few more, but I don't want lay it all on you at once :)
Also, I am pretty new to this, so if some of these are already implemented and I was just unable to dig them out, please point that out.

As I said this is already an awesome application, and I hope you guys will continue to improve on it, so it can really become the "all in one" solution that's every game artists dream :)

Thanks in advance, and thanks for making this cool application.
I look forward to your reply

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