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I am trying to install the substance plugin to an HDRP project, but I can't get the materials to properly work. I tried to delete my library folder / reinstall the plugin but it didn't work. My HDRP is properly configured in the settings, so I'm not sure how to fix this.


During the presentation of Houdini 17.5, they showcased substance being integrated in PDG: is there any official news about that?
I'm working with Houdini / Substance / Unity and having a full procedural workflow in which I would go
Houdini > Substance Painter > Unity all through PDG would be awesome :D
That is, it would be super cool to be able to do

-modelize stuff in Houdini
-go to substance painter and paint textures on it
-have it automatically reimport and recalculate the maps when the model is modified through PDG (right now I do it manually)
-get the model directly in Unity with all the texture updated once PDG is done cooking everything

Maybe that's not what they were showcasing, but it got me hoping for that :D

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