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Both the Roof Square/Slate Rounded Tiles that I tested and downloaded a month ago isn't working as tested on the Substance Source site.  I just checked the site again and the download in 3D viewer is different than what is actually downloaded.  Once downloaded, there is a Slate Color Picker (which would be awesome if it worked).  However, when you pick a color, nothing happens.  If you adjust the Hue/Sat, you can get the color to change but there is no way to dial it in to an RGB value.  The Rusty Slate Tile variant color picker works but the height value isn't deforming the geometry in any of the slate materials - They all look planar.  Please update this substance.

Hello fellow materialists!

I have been searching high and low for architectural siding on many different sites.  I can't use the kind that is grungy and old.  I need NEW and CLEAN looking siding for new construction.  I do residential developments and converting bitmaps doesn't make for appealing materials.  I've tried several images and none of them turn out very decent.

As such, I'd like to humbly request the following materials be made:

1. Lap siding (both vertical and horizontal)
2. Board and Batten Siding (both vertical and horizontal)
3. Split Shake Siding (even and uneven)

Being able to control the size of the siding members 4"-8" in 1/2" steps would be useful.
Being able to control the spacing of the board and batten would be useful.
Being able to control color would be useful.
Being able to control, or if separate materials need to be made, material type (wood, vinyl, cement board, etc.) would be useful.
Being able to control the shape of the lap siding would be helpful as well.  Some have different types of beveling.

Thanks for creating such awesome PBR materials!

Hello.  I am a civil engineer and completely new to this Substance texture and materials thing.  Only been working with this stuff for a few weeks now.

I downloaded a bunch of Substances from Substance Source one of which was Asphalt Shingles.  In Substance Player, I made changes and exported the maps required in Revit and Lumion (Base Color, Normal and Glossiness - Glossiness hasn't been added to an Alpha Channel in Photoshop yet).  There are a few questions about the first two file types: Base & Normal.

1.  In Revit, the x,y scale and position of the normal map is not the same as the Base Color map.  I have to manually adjust it to be the same.  Is this a bug from the material or from Substance Player?  When I opened the other file in Substance Designer, the normal map and height map aren't the same 2048x2048 size as the Base Color Map and other outputs.  This seems to be a flaw in the coding?

2. The normal map, even after cranking it up to max prior to exporting from Substance Player, adjusting to scale above and cranking up the scale in Revit to max, doesn't produce the correct depth/height when viewed in Lumion.  It still shows up as completely flat.  However, it seems to show up with some height in Revit though.  Is this a bug or just a compatibility issue?  See 1 above regarding Substance Designer findings.

3. In the 3D testing environment on the Substance Source website, the Height Range slider actually changes the thickness of the shingles.  When making adjustments in Substance player, the Height Range slider doesn't work.  This must be a bug?

Thanks for any assistance in advance!

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