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So, I have this image that I'd like to use as a pattern for use in Substance Painter:

Given what I've managed to learn so far, I need to take it through B2M first, but the tutorials and videos I've seen so far have all been about how to take an image that's not quite designed to be a pattern and use it as a material. 

This image, however, is an image made for being a tiled pattern from inception.  I specifically want to use this as a pattern for use in Substance Designer.

Could someone please walk me through from the start-to-finish process that is required in order to do this, or point me to a reference for exactly that?  I seem to have trouble finding one...

I’m having an Issue with Middle Mouse Button assigned to stylus with Huion GT-191 not responding on the Substance painter trial, rendering the program almost unusable due to navigation errors/limitations.  Can anyone help me out here?

Any time I use the button that is assigned to the middle mouse button, it acts like I’m pressing the left mouse button.   Substance Painter is the only program that currently has the problem.

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