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Hey everyone!

I've been a longtime Mari user for the past 6 years and swore by it.  Over the last year or so I kept hearing about Substance and wanted to try it.  Bit the bullet, finally, and purchased the complete bundle during the Steam sale and attended Substance Days last week.  I'm completely hooked and now painting assets with it at work!

One of the great things I could do with Mari very easily was take any grunge masks that I painted and pipe them into RGB masks / channels that I could then take into my renderer of choice and further dial in those details by way of a layered shader.

I assume you can do this with a User channel (or several) and turn on and off mask features per User channel that I can then pipe into a new R+G+B texture on export.  Though anytime I create one, the layers (and object) all turn transparent.  I know it's probably something simple UI related, but can't seem to track down the issue.

Attached are examples of what I'm talking about -- what the layers look like in BaseColor vs how they appear in User0.

Thanks for your help!

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