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Hello, today I was working with substance painter a little, I have imported a number of new textures into substance painter, and after I did so substance painter crushed. I reloaded it, but every time I was opening textures tab in a shelf menu SP was crushing again(textures were sucesscully uploaded). Then after making a number of new attempts SP stopped launching at all. It just shows launch screen for a few seconds and then vanishes into nothing. I assumed it was because of textures, so I deleted them from shelf, it didn't help. I deleted and reinstalled SP from Steam completely several times, it didn't help either. I reinstalled SP from allegorithmic website, didn't help. I deleted SP preferences in the 'regedit' menu, it didn't help. So at this point I think I have completely clean SP on my PC and it doesn't launch at all and I can't make a log file(I uploaded some rubbish here instead, because it demanded it), because it doesn't even launch and it doesn't produce crash report.

So the problem is I have a mesh that I import into SP from Blender. In blender it contains 3 materials all UV unwrapped across one 2048px image. But when it gets imported into SP it has 6 materials.
Basically if we have material 1 containing faces 1,2,3,4,5,6 in blender, then in SP it gets split into
material 1 with faces 1,2,3 and material 2 with faces 4,5,6. It creates name for second material by using name of material one and putting _NONE suffix at the end.

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